What's a good foundation for dry skin?

by Brittany
(West Virginia)

I have tried a lot of different foundations and nothing seems to help, when I do put foundation on my face it looks cakey, when I dont even put that much on and it looks like dry flakes. I have even tried scrubs to try and to remove it. Have any recommendations or tips?

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Jun 08, 2019
Maybelline! NEW
by: Elizabeth Parks

I am using Maybelline Matte and Poreless. It works well for both dry and oily skin.

Feb 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

The simple is better

Jan 17, 2014
Try getting personalised recommendations
by: MyBeautyCompare

A lot of women find it very hard to find the right makeup when they have dry skin, it is all about trial and error so you are on the right track to find the right foundation. However, each woman differs so what suits another may not be so suitable for you. Try finding the best beauty match for you with MyBeautyCompare, you can enter your profile and you'll get recommendations based on your skin type, lifestyle and other attributes. It's really easy and useful if you are looking to try new products but confused of which ones you should be using.

May 21, 2013
Try these foundation options
by: Katie


I read your question and I have had great results with Monave foundation. They sell mineral foundation (they use the best ingredients and no fillers or nasty chemicals!) in the powdered form and in the wet form. It sounds like if you are getting a cakey or flakey look after apply your foundation, you need to change your skin care regime. Most women strip their face with harsh cleansers and dry out their skin too much. If this is the case, you may have noticed that about a couple of hours after cleansing , your face will become overly oily. This is your skin trying to compensate from what you took away with your harsh cleanser. I would suggest stopping all liquid or soap cleansers for a couple of weeks and give it a try. Only use a wash cloth and warm water to wash your face and you should notice a considerable difference in the dry and flakeyness of your skin. I would also try cleansing with a couple of drops of a cold pressed coconut oil. you can buy it at a healthfoods store and it will moisturize your skin with you cleanse it with warm washcloth.

Once you have tried altering your skincare, then you can asses if the makeup is the issue. I wouold definitely try a couple of sample from Monave.com because they have the best stuuff I have tried on the market. It will not be heavy and cakey or flakey at all if you have healthy skin.

You may also want to try different types of foundations. If you are still feeling too dry when using a powdered foundation, try a cream or mousse foundation (Monave has samples of these too!).

Also, applying your powdered foundation with a damp brush gives you a whole new effect. It leaves you looking airbrushed and perfect and not powdery and cakey. To create a damp brush, spray a little bit of hydrosol (rose water works well) on the head of your foundation brush and then dip it into your powder. Don't put too much on your brush though, always tap off before appying it directly to your face.

How you apply the makeup makes a work of difference!

I hope I was helpful and didn't babble too long!

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