What should I do to look amazingly pretty and flawless?

by Rita

I'm wearing eye liner, concealer, blush, and lipstick in this picture.

I'm wearing eye liner, concealer, blush, and lipstick in this picture.

Hello, I was wondering that, because I want to look really nice. Can you also give me some beauty tips for school dances and tell me what types of makeup look nice on me and how to apply it exactly? I have a few tinyish brown bumps near my lips and a bit on my forehead though they're not visible in this picture. (Still wondering what exactly are they, do you have any idea?) Thanks a lot.

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Nov 18, 2012
Makeup tips
by: Adriana

Hi. Here's a list of my suggestions:
Invest in a pair of straighteners. They will transform your look immediately before makeup! Plus if your hair's happy, you're happy.
Wear mascara. Mascara is the simplest and most effective way to play up your eyes and since you have very nice eyes, why wouldn't you want to accent this feature?
You also have nice lips so wear a nice natural lipstick and some lipgloss.
Get your eyebrows done. It makes a HUGE difference if you have nice eyebrows.
Wear eyeliner on the top. If you do the top and bottom, it can look too harsh and make you look really old. If you do want to wear it on the bottom, then use a brown eyeliner or even a silver grey colour.
Don't try eyeshadow unless you know how to use it.
Don't wear too much blush. If you are going to put something on your cheeks, try contouring it with bronzer. (There are some really great YouTube tutorials for contouring) Contouring makes your face look more angular and defined, which is considered attractive!

Jun 14, 2012
Use the right foundation
by: Anonymous

Hi Rita!

The spots might be pigmentation. I also have some dark spots but haven't really treated them. I don't think its a big deal because you can't see them when you apply foundation.

I normally use moisturizer and a primer before applying the foundation. I use a foundation called "LR Deluxe- A Miracle Foundation" from www.lr-iten.ch. I'm really happy with it. The most important thing is to get the right colour.

After applying the foundation you should finish it off with a bit of compact powder and then apply some rouge on your cheekbones.

If you do your eyes up then just apply very little lipgloss. I think it cant get too much if you have your eyes and your lips all done. People don't know where to look then ;-)

Hope I could help!

Jan 31, 2012
for good & flowless look
by: Anonymous

First u try for at least eight hours of uninterrupted slumber. Keep your bed setup simple, a few comfortable pillows, clean sheets, quilts/blankets/comforters that make you feel nice and warm, not weighed down.If you have serious trouble falling asleep, try some chamomile & lavender tea, or Celestial Seasonings' Extra Sleepytime tea will work just as well.Wash and condition hair with shampoo for your hair type, brush your teeth, and lastly use a facial wash to gently exfoliate your face. Use adequate products. If you have the multicolored mineral powder, that's the best, but otherwise, find the color that is closest to your skin tone. Use a brush or a bodied pouf to apply an even layer.Then the eyes if you have gorgeous, thick lashes leave them alone. If they're straight and long.sTART DO LIKE THAT, ALL THE BEST.
Murano Glass

Sep 20, 2011
Hi Rita
by: wow-makeup-styles

Hi Rita!

It looks like you are trying to go for a natural
look. What I suggest is since you have nice eyes you can make your big brown eyes pop with a smokey eye, or you can use these different color eye makeup for brown eyes from this link https://www.wow-makeup-styles.com/brown-eye-makeup.html. When you use this look go for a natural lip color or use lip gloss!

As far as the brown spots that you are concerned about, It is best that you go the dermatologist.

Enjoy being amazingly pretty and flawless!!

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