Wedding Makeup

Although wedding makeup is generally associated with the bride, who wants to look perfect on her big wedding day, all guests want to look their best at this type of occasion.

A wedding is an excuse to dress up and look sharp. Whether you are the bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or simply a guest at your next wedding, you will want to spend a little bit of extra time and effort to look natural, sexy, and glamorous.

Some of the best makeup ideas and tips that work for weddings are similar to those that you would use for a big night out, such as airbrushing.

Makeup Ideas for Different Wedding Locations

The best type of wedding makeup for your next occasion will depend greatly on the location and time of day of the wedding. For a spring daytime wedding that takes place outdoors, guests will want to go for a more natural look. You might want to use floral or pastel tones, such as peach, mauve, and berry colors for your lips and cheeks.

This can look pretty on the big day. By contrast, if you are attending a formal wedding taking place in the evening, you could combine your black tie attire with smokey eyes or red lips. Be sure to only play up one facial feature at a time if you are going for a more dramatic look, or you could end up overdoing it.

Makeup Trends for Bridesmaids

The best wedding makeup for bridesmaids may depend on what sort of look the bride is going for. You should generally strive to be a more toned-down version of the bride on this special day.

If she is wearing bright red lipstick, you could mimic this in a berry or red lip stain instead, so that you are not quite as glossy but still blend in to the overall look of the wedding. Airbrush makeup can be ideal for these situations, because it builds an even foundation on your skin, giving you a smooth palette to work with.

Because you will probably be photographed as part of the wedding party, be sure to choose colors that match your skin tone.

Anti Aging Makeup for Mother of the Bride

For the mother of the bride, her daughter's wedding day is almost as important as her own. If you are planning your wedding makeup as the mother, you will want to use anti-aging makeup techniques.

Curl your eyelashes for a wide-eyed look, and avoid using harsh or vivid colors which could wash you out. Instead, a natural or dewy look is usually the best plan. Be sure to find a foundation with even coverage so that it hides your wrinkles or other blemishes, and apply moisturizer liberally.

Waterproof eye makeup will prevent mascara streaks during emotional ceremonies. 

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