Styles of Eye Makeup for Stunningly Different Looks

Styles of Eye Makeup

Did you know that by just changing styles of eye makeup can create stunningly different looks?  

Are you tired of sad, tired eyes? Do you wish that you could have the breathtaking looks of your favorite stars? If you’ve answered yes to these, then you need to look at some of the stunning looks that you can create with some make up.

Top 10 Popular Styles of Eye Makeup:

Natural Eye makeup

Want to look like you just woke up and headed out into the world? It’s as simple as using natural tones around your eyes. Think simple browns and skin tones that look natural. Your goal is to avoid creating a look that draws too much focus to your eyes.

Shimmery Eye

Need to add some shimmer and shine to your eyes? Consider some metallic or light pastel tones. These can be worn regardless of the time of day. They will add some extra shine to your eyes and can help to give you that spark of life that you won’t find with standard eyeshadows.

The Complex Cat’s Eye

Cat Eye Makeup

Yes, these eyes can definitely make a statement. But if you approach them with a heavy hand, they can look a mess. The secret to making this stunning look is to take a liquid or gen eyeliner and begin to flesh it out. This can help you to create the look you’re looking for, without having globs of makeup or worrying about it looking off.

Gradient Eye Tricks

Sometimes, your eyes don’t end up with the mysterious look you’re looking for. The gradient eye trick will definitely help to redefine how your eyes look. For this to work, you need to be careful how you apply your makeup. The best approach is to begin with the lightest shade of eyeshadow you have around the inner eye. Then slowly work to deeper, darker tones as you work out towards the edge of your eyes. Then blend the area between the changes well for a stunning look that will turn heads.

The Rock Star Styles of Eye Makeup

If you are a child of the 1980s, then you know the bold and dramatic look the rock stars had back in the day. Their eyes would pop and stand out on stage. This was done by taking a heavy hand with the eyeliner on key areas around the eyes. As you do this, find the best bold black eyeliner you can find. Then work around the inner eye and take things along the waterline to really help your eyes pop.

The Creased Eyeshadow

A look that remains incredibly popular in the fashion community. While most women are shy about trying it home due to the perceived difficulty, it isn’t as bad as you might have imagined. The technique focuses on the crease in your eyes. This is done by using a darker color in these areas. You can then add some drama to this section by contrasting it with shadows in the area. If you prefer to make your eyes pop without the additional drama, all you need to do is blend some natural coloring in the area and let your natural beauty shine through.

The Classic Smokey Eyes

Everyone has their own unique take on creating this bold look for the eyes. Take some of the darkest eyeshadow you own. Then line the area around your eyes, including the water line with this dark eyeshadow. Then begin to blend it out with a dark pencil eyeliner. As you do this, allow the edges to fade off in the area surrounding the eye for a mysterious look.

The Double Wings

Do you need to make sure you are the center of attention when you walk in the room? Then this edgy option will definitely do the trick. With the winger liner, you can have people take notice of you. It’s a simple as lining the eyes at the bottom and top, then adding a wing out on both eyes. The hardest part is to make sure they are parallel to each other. By the time you’re done, you’ve made a fashion statement that people will talk about.

The Graphic Designer Styles of Eye Makeup

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so you might as well have them tell a story. This about how you can accent the eyes with bold colors and designs. As you do this, you’ll create a graphic look that will have people focusing on the area as they try to decipher what you’re saying. This is a great way to have people look you in the eyes and to open up a conversation with them.

Styles of Eye Makeup with Sharp Edges

If your goal is high fashion, this is the look for you. All it takes it using the straight edge of an item (without poking your eye out) and then use it to create an angle along the edge of your line. This is done with your favorite eyeliner or brush. You can then add your favorite blush. When you’re doing you have the perfect look.

Just remember when it comes to your eyes that you are only limited by your imagination. Take the time to explore all your makeup style options and come up with a look that leaves people admiring your beauty.

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