Spray Tan

Getting a Summer Glow without the Summer Sun

Spray tan is the perfect answer for those people who don't tan well or do not have access to the sun enough to tan naturally.

It literally does the work of the sun for you, giving your skin that overall bronze hue that everyone at the beach longs for.

Whether it is the dead of winter or beach volleyball season, you might be able to boost your glow and confidence with spray on tan products.

Applications of Spray Tan

Spray on tan in general comes in a bottle that you can mist over yourself like sunscreen.

If you get your tan professionally done, you can go in a small room and have a trained person spray the tanning solution all over your body with an air sprayer.

If you do it on your own, the tan application may vary based on the product you are using.

Most will suggest that you have someone help you do it and cover your body thoroughly with the tan.

Carefully coat all the areas of your body with the solution and let it dry.

Lifetime of Spray Tan

Some spray on tans will only last through the first shower. After that, you either have to reapply the tan or go without it for a bit.

There are other products that will absorb into the skin a little and last a week or two, but in time, even the best spray on tan products do fade away.

Choosing the Right Tanner for You

There are tons of different spray on tan products out there you could look into, and some of them will work better than others.

You need to test out a few different products to see which one will look right on your body.

Some tans may look more orange than others, and some may not even show up at all. You can figure that out for yourself with a little experimenting.

Tan Removal

If you want to go through spray on tan removal because you do not like the way it looks, you could simply wait for it all to wash off your body.

For quicker solutions, you may look for tan remover on the market, and that should make the process a little easier for you.

Follow the instructions on the bottle to make sure you use it properly.

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