Getting a Sultry Look with Smokey Eyes

One of the most enduring dramatic makeup looks is smokey eyes. This look can be adapted for a more neutral appearance that is acceptable for the office, or it can really make your eyes pop for a night out on the town.

Simple black eye shadow and mascara is not enough for a truly smokey look. You'll also want to have mascara, liner, and a blend of shadows to compliment your specific eye color.

You can branch out from simple black eye shadow, and use a range of charcoals, grays, or other dark and sultry shades for a sexy or gothic look.

This trend shows no signs of going anywhere, so perfecting the smokey eye is a great tool to have in your makeup repertoire.

Top Techniques for Dramatic Eye Makeup

To begin the process of creating that smokey look, you will need to apply a layer of black eye liner to the edge of your eyes.

This should include rimming the upper and lower lash lines. Dark brown or charcoal could also be used in place of black, particularly if you have blue or green eyes.

You will then need to go over this with your choice of eye shadows. For the best results, a blend of three different shades is recommended.

An extra layer should be put in the crease of the eyelid for added definition. The final step is then to put on mascara. Black is again the preferred shade for mascara, but you could experiment with other dark tones if desired.

How to Do Eye Makeup for Smokey Eyes

Although the basic technique for achieving smokey eyes is described above, if you want to get the blending right there are some more tricks and techniques to think about.

You will need to prep your eye lid if you want your heavy eye makeup to keep from smudging throughout the day. A primer or base should be swept across the eye, and allowed to dry.

This will keep your lids oil-free, and prevent dark makeup from smudging or running down your face. Light base colors can be mixed with darker colors on top. Be sure to blend everything thoroughly.

Dramatic Eye Makeup Tricks

If you are blending color on the bottom lid of your eye, you will need to use an eyeliner pencil on the lower lashes. These are the easiest to smudge for that smokey look. Draw a line below your lash line and then smudge this with your finger.

A key trick to blending is to keep your lines from being too perfect. While this can be an easy technique once you have mastered it, when you are just starting out it may take a little bit of time and practice to get everything just right. 

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