Self Tan Spray 

How to use self tanning spray

The first thing you want to do before you use a self tan spray tan you would want to exfoliate your body in the shower with a body scrub then follow by shaving your legs. One you have done that place a towel on the floor before you use the spray  because the residue of the spray will fall onto the floor. When you are starting off spray lightly over the body 7-10 inches away in an up and down motion because it’s easier to get the product on that way.  

Exfoliate your body before you apply on the self tan spray especially for knees, elbows and your ankles following by moistursing where those areas can be a little dry. Also if you continue to moisturize your body before you self tan, it keeps your skin hydrated and it will keep the tan on longer. While you are applying on the spray tan you can rub the product onto the skin extremely well. You can start on your feet along with your legs up to your torso your arms along with your underarms and get a friend to do the hard to reach places like your back. If you decide to tan your face just make sure that it looks very natural and that the tan matches your body too.

For your hands make sure that you wash them extremely well and then lightly apply the tan on the back of your hands and then rub them together to make sure that they are nicely blended. For the finishing touch you can take a tissue and apply some than on your eyebrows along on your hairline so it will look much more natural. Than once you are all done you can leave on the self spray tan for 6-8 hours.  Wait 30 minutes before getting dressed. When you are applying this product make sure to remember that less is more. You can always go back and re-apply the tan.

Dont worry if you messed up on your tan. If your tan looks streaky you can always fix it with an astringent toner or you can exfoliate that area you want to do over.

Happy Tanning! :)

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