PLZZ HELP !! I MAKE MY SELF LOOK OLDER , AND LESS BEAUTIFUL !!!what is best tips for my face makeup ? how i know my eyes shape

by souz

hi , am 26 , long dark hair, white skin, under eyes like very thin little blue skin ,
i have this big sad eyes and my eyebrows is arch angle shaped not very wide from eyes
so they give me more sad looking
i cant figure wts my eyeshape
and best way to makeup them
i have this very thin skin and little bit deep under my eyes , and wn i put counselor under my eyes and try to make up them , they like shrink up , and look more sad and not ptrey , and i screw up :(
(i put pics with and without)
i believe i have pretty eyes ,HAZAL EYES, bt dont know best way to enhance them , enhance their hazal color, and make them look better
wn i put make up, it doesnt appear at all, or it screw up my face wn i put more!
wts best way to put light makeup ,and open them up and enhance their beauty , i dont knw wt to do ,
wn i apply upper eyeliner , and try to make wings , they kinda attach my eyebrows , cuz they are not wide brows and not very long
i feel like each time i try to go out , i make my eyes less beautiful :( wt should i do , i have oval long face , and i think i make my self look older !! how i keep young look,

most important thing to me here to ask , i cant figure how my face and cant define what is eyes shape!! almond, oval , rounded , wide, droppy ,close, deep or what !!
how to style my hair too to look more modern and young?
and who i look like most , or who's celebrity look should i follow, and guidelines to apply !! and keep my look fresh young, and modern ! I dont wana keep looking older, some people tell me i look 35 in pics :(

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Jul 25, 2015
by: Anonymous

I think you look great, but if you want to shorten the look of your face, you might try a few subtle changes like adding light bangs, or trimming around the face to change the up and down long look of your face. I, too have a long face. It's rectangular and modeling school taught me to go for a more angular style and/or bring sides in over the jaw.
Also, with your coloring, I think pink would be great on you.
As far as your eyes go, you might want to get some advice on the brows. You would be amazed at the difference. There is a formula (a trick). It has to do with the placement of the nose and the pupils of the eyes. I can't really explain it here, but a make-up artist can probably show you.

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