Natural Makeup

The Quest to Look Like You’re Not Wearing Makeup At All

Natural Makeup

A lot of women turn to natural makeup now because it basically takes the features that already exist on the female face and enhances them to perfect.

Natural makeup looks are made to stay true to skin and lip tones that are already in place, but they can still draw focus onto different parts of the face as needed. Here is a look at how you can achieve this kind of look for yourself.

Mineral Makeup

Nothing screams natural like putting minerals on your face. Organic makeup has become a big hit over the years because it can be healthy while still covering troubled areas of the face at the same time.

The minerals are subtle and can cover the skin to look like it is one flawless tone, which is a much better result than you could get from most liquid or powder foundations on the market.

There are mineral eye shadows available as well to extend the light, airy quality to the eyes. Read More...

Natural Lip Color

The lip color used for applying makeup like this is usually nothing more than your natural color with a bit of sheen or gloss to it.

You can see this in a lot of modeling nowadays as the goal is to draw focus to the eyes and other parts of the body, not the lips.

You can use lipstick, lip gloss, or just about any other lip product like this as long as it is in a natural hue.

If you’re ready to find long-lasting, high-pigment lipsticks that will stay on all day, you need our very own K.h.o.i.n. Cosmetics.

Natural Eye Shadow

In most makeup styles, eye shadow is the thing that changes the most.

For the natural look, eye shadow tends to be just a few shades different than a person’s skin tone.

This adds definition to the eyes without making them huge focal points on the face. There actually is no focal area in this look. Everything is meant to blend in and look stunning altogether.

Here are some great eye shadow colors for your skin tone for that natural look:

Skin Tone Eye Shadow Color
Fair & Beige Use taupe it will give that soft contrast to your light complexion.
Golden & Bronze Use brown it will look great against your skin tone.
Deep Use dark brown it will look rich against your skin tone.

Natural Lashes

Natural Makeup

To finish off the natural look, a few simple coats of mascara are usually sufficient.

Some women will buy brown mascara or clear mascara to look as natural as possible, but that may not be necessary.

Nevertheless, you are not likely to find fake eye lashes on someone going for this subtle appeal, so if you’re a fan of those, this may not be the right look for you.

Permanent Makeup

You can always look into permanent makeup if you feel that the natural makeup look is a permanent solution for you.

Procedures can be pricey, but they will save you a ton of hassle in the future applying and removing your makeup. Don’t let the name fool you, though.

Permanent makeup has to be touched up every few months to avoid fading. Read More...

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