Makeup Trends

How Makeup Has Progressed Over Time?

Makeup trends come and go, but the need for makeup remains the same.

This universal tool has been helping women look and feel their best for years now, but the way this tool has been used since its creation has greatly changed.

The ingredients are different, but so is our definition of beauty.

Here is some information about the transformation makeup has gone through over the years and what this may say about what you wear today.

Tribal Makeup

At its roots, makeup was first meant to be used only for ritualistic purposes in tribes and similar cultures.

You can still see this today in many third world countries, but for the most part, we have moved well beyond the need for ceremonial makeup in our society.

Renaissance Makeup

Some argue that the Renaissance is one of the most beautiful periods in history, but that may not be the case for makeup. At that time, most women put on pale foundation and dark lipstick to bring out their features – a look that would almost be considered scary by today’s standards.

Nevertheless, the style of that era eventually led to any styles of the modern world, and some of the makeup trends followed over time.

Fifties Makeup

Jumping ahead to something that most of us can actually remember, makeup in the 50’s was much different than it is now.

Back then, color was the thing to go for, so many women wore all sorts of pastels on their faces to stand out in the crowd.

Red lipstick became an industry staple around this time, and it can still be seen in makeup looks today.

Hippy Makeup

Most of the 60’s and 70’s marked times when looking natural was the latest craze. Women may wear foundation or mascara to look a little different, but for the most part, this was the start of the “natural look” you can see today.

The idea was that a woman’s beauty needed little to no enhancement, and that can be true for a lot of people even today.

Eighties Makeup

Once you hit the 80’s, everything went into Technicolor. Makeup was available in just about any color possible, and people surely used that to their advantage.

Most women looked completely different after their rounds of rouge and eye shadow, but luckily those days are gone.

Modern Makeup

Makeup now has taken on a whole new look, offering women the chance to look natural and still feel sexy when they want to.

Sultry styles and natural colors are what prevail in today’s market. No one knows what is in store for the future of makeup trends.

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