Makeup Tips for Women by Decade

Makeup Tips for Women by Decade

The most-effective makeup tips for women change as you age. Your skin is the first thing that people notice about you. There are a few simple tips you can do to help keep your skin looking incredible into each of the decades of your life. What you need to keep in mind is that as long as you avoid overdoing things at any point in your life, you can avoid getting the clownish look you’ve likely seen on people who cake on far too much makeup.

Makeup Tips for Women in their 20s

When you hit your 20’s, you are at that first decade where makeup will feel important to you. It’s important that you protect your skin early on and you apply plenty of sunscreen at this point in your life. If you keep your skin covered, you’ll end up with fewer wrinkles and age spots later on in your life.

Another great thing to do is to add a soft cleanser to your face that you use twice a day. This will reduce the risk of your pores clogging. You can combine this with an eye cream that will ensure that you continue to have young, youthful looking eyes. If you do have dark circles that appear due to late nights at the club, make sure you use a little concealer. This will prevent people from ever seeing them. Aside from a light hint of makeup, keep your moisturizer tinted to work away any imperfections on your face. This way you can hide blemishes, and not look like you are wearing anything.

Makeup Tricks for Women in their 30s

As you hit 30, you will want to keep up the tips you were using before. With them, you’ll want to take a pair of two blushes to help enhance your skin. There should be one that is close to your natural skin tone, while the second color should be a brighter shade. This will help you to bring your face color alive and help you to look youthful and vibrant. You can then apply a neutral colored lipstick to your lips to help add some depth to them. It’s a good idea to pick a shade that will look good so you can just apply it, without having to worry about having to hunt down a mirror, or being required to reapply it 100 times a day.

Best Tips for Women in their 40s

It’s at this point you hit 40 that you’ll be thankful you were wearing sunscreen this entire time. So make sure you continue to use it. If there are redness or imperfections on your skin, you can use a spot foundation to help them to fade. Around your eyes you’ll want to apply some eyeliner and mascara. This can help to add a more refined appearance to your face and will look incredible in your 40s. You may want to consider adding some additional depth. This is the time to also explore with what you want to do with your hair. You can do something as simple as highlights that cover any grey that is coming through. You might even want to explore with new colors that help to brighten up your face.

Makeup Tips for Women in their 50s

By the time you hit your 50s, it is time to add to what you are doing. This is the time when you use extra rich formulas to help add moisture to your face. The more you moisturize now, the fewer lines you’ll experience as you get older. When you add a foundation, find one that is prove to moisturize. That way, you can maintain a beautiful and youthful face with ease. At this point, you are adding a mature definition to your face, instead of drawing in the full face focus. This means feathering with the lips and eyeliner to help add to the overall look you have.

Amazing Looks for Women in Their 60s

When you hit 60, you are now looking to simplify and still remain pretty. Go for haircuts that don’t require curlers. Lighten and brighten your hair, while avoiding darker colors. Your skincare products should be rich and creamy, that way they don’t settle in the wrinkles and lines on your face. Use creamy makeups to add to the benefit to the face, including your blush blends. That way, you have a fresh and beautiful glow.

Makeup Tips for Women that are Timeless

When you hit 70 and beyond, you need to up the richness of your moisturizer and use it daily. Even if you aren’t planning on wearing makeup, remember that heavy foundations will look like a mask on older skin, so revert back to lightweight and sheer foundations. This will be similar to the style you wore in your 20s. Also make sure you fill in the eyebrows with a brush so you look more natural.

If you do all of this, you will look incredible throughout your entire life. Take a moment to begin planning out your new makeup approach for today and beyond. You’ll find that you continue to maintain that classic beauty and people will notice you for years to come.

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