Top 10 Makeup Tips for a Round Face

Many women are looking for makeup tips for a round face because they want to maximize their unique features.  If you have a round face, you know how difficult it could be to balance out its shape.

Top 10 Makeup Tips for a Round Face

The struggle is real and many of the popular makeup tips don’t really do the trick. The key to making a round face slimmer through the use of makeup is strategic placement to create longer lines and highlights.

Favorite Tricks and Makeup Tips for a Round Face:

Here are 10 of the best makeup tips for a round face that will deliver flawless results every single time.

1.  Contouring

Contouring has become so popular lately that you’ll definitely need to give it a try. Though the technique requires some getting used to, it will get the job done with these makeup tips for a round face.

Contouring puts highlights and shadows in the right spots (underneath the cheekbone, on the sides of the nose, etc.), transforming the appearance of the face completely. Doing professional contouring will require skills and effort. If you’d like to make your round face look a little bit slimmer, however, you can follow a few basic contouring steps.

You’ll need to highlight the high points of the face – the center of the forehead and the nose. Use a dark color from the center of the ear, all the way down the jawline. Shade the sides of the nose and outline the temples. When done, blend everything together to give yourself a more natural appearance.

2.  Highlight Your Favorite Feature

Draw attention to the facial feature that you like the most. By putting emphasis on your eyes, for example, you’ll be drawing attention away from the roundness of your face.

3.  Give Yourself a Cat Eye

Going a bit dramatic with your eyeliner is a great idea if you have a round face. A winged eyeliner or going for the cat eye look will balance out the roundness. Don’t be afraid to make it look a bit more dramatic than what you’ll typically go for.

An extended line starting from the corner of the eye balances out the cheeks. If you stick to simpler makeup apart from the dramatic eye transformation, you can rock the look in daytime.

4.  Use Bronzer

Bronzer applied to the jawline and underneath the cheekbone will help you contour your face, even if you don’t know how to do the actual technique itself.

5.  Make Your Lips Bigger (with Makeup, of Course!)

Making the lips appear bigger will once again be great for balancing out those facial features. You can use a bold color and some lip gloss on top of the lipstick. The shine that the lip gloss gives you is ideal for creating the illusion of more fullness.

6.  Choose the Right Eyebrow Shape

Just like eye makeup can be used to balance out rounder cheeks, the right eyebrow shape will have an amazing slimming effect.

More pronounced, higher and arched eyebrows work best for ladies that have a round face. These make the face appear longer.

7.  Use Blush

The diagonal application of blush makes the face appear narrow. One of the most important tricks is to go higher up the cheekbone than you will usually do. This diagonal line cuts into the roundness of the cheeks.

8.  Always Apply Powder

Powder is great for “fixing” the contour and making the highlighted parts of your face even more radiant. In addition, the powder will keep skin from getting shiny in the wrong spots, which will ruin all of your makeup efforts.

9.  Go for Several Coats of Mascara

This is another simple trick that will create a visual illusion. Apply one coat of mascara, let it dry and do that again. A few coats of mascara will give you thicker, more prominent lashes. It will direct attention to your eyes, diminishing the prominence of the round cheeks.

10.  Use Accessories

This isn’t exactly a makeup tip but it will make the look complete.

Choosing the right accessories can also have a slimming effect. You may want to go for longer and heavier earrings. Keep the neckline open and go for a simple pendant necklace that will visually elongate the neck area.

Finally, don’t forget to use the makeup tips for a round face that make you feel confident and happy. You don’t need to contour your face every single day to feel beautiful. A few simple steps that put emphasis on the features you like the most will usually be sufficient.

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