Top Makeup Looks for Every Situation

You can achieve a wide variety of different makeup looks to suit every occasion with a few basic makeup techniques under your belt.

Learning the basics of applying foundation, highlighting your eyes, and keeping eyebrows neatly groomed to flatter your face can ensure that you are able to make the transition from morning to evening with only a few simply tools in your makeup bag.

Any good makeup look will start with a clean, clear face, so it's essential to wash and moisturize your face in the morning so that you have a fresh palette to work with.

On top of this, you can then tailor your personal look to the occasion you have planned for that day.

Makeup Trends for the Office

During the daytime, you will want to think about makeup looks that are flattering but natural at the same time.

Keep your skin tone, eye color, and general sense of style in mind, and then find looks that compliment this.

A soft line of eye shadow rather than eyeliner can keep your eyes looking sultry without being too obvious about it, and a coat of mascara will bring them out further.

For office-friendly lips, you can line them with a nude pencil for definition, and then sweep on a gloss to keep them moist and pouty without being too dramatic.

Makeup Styles for a Sophisticated Evening Out

Whether you are in need of bridal makeup, prom makeup, or want to mimic celebrity makeup, there are a number of different looks you can achieve at home. For a more sophisticated look, you could try a smoky eye paired with a nude lip.

Line upper and lower lashes with a black or dark chocolate liner, and then blend in dark eye shadow carefully, paying extra attention to the crease in your lid.

This can then be combined with false lashes, or you could curl your lashes before applying black mascara. A contrast to this could be emphasizing your lips and keeping your eyes neutral. Use a deep lip stain or bright red gloss for a glamorous, look when out on the town.

Party Looks to Stand Out in a Crowd

Style Yourself Confident with some of the best party makeup looks draw upon the same principles as the makeup styles for a sophisticated night out, but you can feel free to  be more outrageous and experimental when you are going to a party.

Gothic makeup, bright fluorescent colors, or even exotic trends can all be used.

Don't be afraid to use texture as well as color to give your look a personalized flair. As with any look, be sure to focus on one feature rather than playing up your entire face at once, or it will be overkill.

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