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makeup ideas

Generating your own makeup ideas can be a challenge, especially if you have done the same thing with your face for a number of years now.

Don’t get stuck in a cosmetic rut! There is inspiration all around if you know where to look. Here are some different places you can go to for makeup inspiration.


Fashion and beauty magazines always have the latest makeup trends in them.

While a lot of stuff featured there can be a bit extreme, there are usually plenty of pictures to look through.

This will encourage you to try new color schemes and products by knowing what other people are doing.

Movie Stars

Celebrities have professionals who do their makeup for them. If you look at Hollywood news, you can see what your favorite celebrities are wearing and how you may be able to bring that look home.

Recent movies and any reality or talk show on TV should give you clues as to what the celebs are wearing. Use that as your inspiration.

Makeup Websites (like this one!)

makeup ideas

You can always look for makeup tips and advice online. There you will find information about how to get through the basics of makeup, but you can also get a good idea of some creative experiments to try with your makeup when you get a chance to.

Looking online allows you to see different styles of makeup from different sources, all with the touch of a button.

Makeup Packaging

The makeup that you get normally may come with tips and suggestions on the outside of the packaging that you can test out with their products.

This could be something as simple as a new wand for mascara, or it could be a new color scheme that you might like.

Check what you already have and see if you can get any creative suggestions from it.


It is always a good idea to share makeup tips with friends because most people benefit from that kind of open discussion.

If you have one friend in particular whose makeup style you admire, you should ask that person about the techniques he or she uses to get that look.

You could use that as inspiration for the next time you put makeup on.

Then you may be generating ideas all your own.

Ask Other Women Who Love Makeup!

We just so happen to have a Makeup Advice Forum right here on our website where you and other women who love makeup can discuss and share makeup ideas, styles, tips and more. Click here to see what's going on in the forum.

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