Makeup Concealer Tips that Look Natural

Makeup Concealer Tips

With these makeup concealer tips, you can avoid common makeup mistakes, hide imperfections and look fabulous.

There are many natural ways to prevent wrinkles and reduce the obvious appearance of unhealthy or aging skin, but what can you do in the short term to look your best? It takes time to adjust your diet, increase your water intake, and clear your skin of dead skin cells and clogged pores that take away from your natural beauty. Luckily, you have concealer on your side. This one beauty tool can help you look more youthful and radiant every day if you know how to select the best product and use it correctly.

Top Makeup Concealer Tips:

Get the Color Right

If you have ever grabbed concealer or loose powder on a whim without looking closely at the color selected, there’s a good chance that your concealer isn’t properly matched to your natural skin color. Take the time to find a shade slightly lighter than your natural skin tone, accounting for suntans in the summer and pale perfection in the winter.

The powder or liquid foundation used to cover the concealer should also be one shade lighter than your natural skin color. This will deliver a more natural appearance once they overlap on your skin.

Tan Isn’t the Only Color

While you need a standard skin-tone concealer on hand at all times, there are a few specialized concealer colors that are now easily found in any store selling makeup. They have specific uses, so consider this guide before you pick one for your skin:

  • Green concealer is used to cover red skin. If you have a pimple creating a red spot or suffer from a skin condition that causes unnecessary redness, you may use this type of concealer on those areas.
  • Yellow concealer is what most women use, and it’s the best option for creating an even skin tone that downplays the appearance of wrinkles. This is also the best type of concealer to use when going out for the evening.
  • Pink concealer is the key to hiding purple or blue areas on the face. For instance, you can use it to hide eye bags after a sleepless night. You may also see these concealers referred to as peach.
  • While concealer is often used as a foundation for lip color or to hide dark areas around the lips, especially for people with dark skin tones.

Keep It Light

You may prefer a liquid concealer when you don’t have imperfections to hide, but loose powder is best for covering concealer. There is nothing more unattractive than a thick glob of concealer covered by a thick coat of foundation. You end up drawing more attention to the exact spot you’re trying to hide. Start with a thin coat of concealer and cover it with a light layer of powder.

If you must use liquid foundation, consider putting your concealer on last. The foundation will cover the blemish to a certain extent, allowing you to use less concealer. Just make sure that the concealer is properly blended so that it’s not obvious.

Experiment with Concealer Pencils

When covering up small blemishes or red areas, you may find a pencil more efficient than a liquid or cream concealer. Completely surround and cover the blemish with the pencil, and then go over it with a powder that is a shade lighter than your natural skin color. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the pencil because you don’t want to pack it on too thick. A light cover is all that you need.

Dot Method

The Dot Method

When applying concealer under your eyes or on other areas larger than a small pimple, start with small dots of concealer placed directly on the skin. You can then distribute it evenly using a makeup sponge. Use a blotting motion that spreads the dots evenly, creating a complete cover that isn’t too thick and obvious.

The Triangle Method

Another option for applying concealer under the eye is to draw a triangle in that area. The base runs just under your lower eyelashes, and the point goes down toward your cheek. You can then blend the concealer into your skin thoroughly. When done correctly, this can create a slightly elevated look that reflects healthy, firm skin.

Puffy Is Concealable, Too

Are your eyes puffy from a restless night or an emotional experience? You can mix concealer with a small amount of eye cream and a cosmetic highlighter, and then surround your eye with the mixture. Keep the coverage light and extend it underneath the eye, over the brow bone, and out to the side toward your temples. This should reduce the appearance of the puffiness while giving your eyes a brighter look overall.

While these concealer tips will help you look your best today, don’t underestimate the importance of making lifestyle changes that will lead to healthier skin in the long term. Something as simple as favoring green tea over soda or salad over pizza can make a tremendous difference in how many wrinkles and blemishes you see on your face.

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