Choosing which Makeup Brushes are Essential

makeup brushes

Having the right set of tools, including the top makeup brushes, can make your makeup routine easier. While it may be tempting to choose one large brush as your one-size-fits-all solution, it's better to invest in a kit that will serve your different needs.

When you are applying makeup, you need to have the right brush for each area of your face, so that you can better follow makeup trends and blend in the different powders, creams, or gels.

If you have sensitive skin, you might want to choose hypoallergenic brushes, and always replace your brushes every six months to avoid infection or skin irritation.

Types of Brushes

While what is considered the bare minimum of makeup brushes will depend greatly on the type of makeup products that you use, most experts recommend that you have a brush for powder, one for foundation, and one for eye shadow.

These can be supplemented with small brushes for lip liner or eye liner, or medium round brushes for blush and other special applications.

The bristles may be made up of natural hairs or synthetic fibers. While synthetic fiber brushes might cost less, they are often just as effective and can be just as soft as natural hair brushes. Be sure to swirl them on your hand first to try them out.

Uses of Makeup Brushes

makeup brushes

The type of brush that you use will depend greatly on the use that is intended for. Large, soft, round brushes are perfect for applying loose powder or mineral foundation all over your face.

Medium sized brushes are better for blush or more targeted dots of color along these lines. There are also cosmetic brushes that can be smaller and stiffer, which are used to apply concealer under your eyes, or eye shadow in the creases of your eyes.

Along with the types of brushes, these will also vary in terms of the corresponding techniques that you can use with them. Tapping, swirling, or circular movements might all yield different effects, depending on the consistency of the products you are using.

Using Brushes for New Makeup Styles

Many women choose to sport different makeup looks for day and night.

You will want to choose makeup brushes that can make this same transition, so look for a kit that is small enough to toss into your purse but also varied enough to allow you to try out new makeup styles for the evening.

Small brushes can fit neatly inside your pocketbook, but also are perfect for applying lip stains, glosses, or other precise shades of color along these lines.

Always wipe down your lip brushes after use, to avoid the color from bleeding into the fibers.

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