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Best makeup for dry skin 
What is the best makeup/ makeup products for dry skin

My make up keeps coming up dry on my skin. 
My makeup keeps drying up during the day on my skin andI'm really not sure why. I use the same moisturiser and cleanser, so I'm not sure what's wrong. …

Hello. I currently use bobby brown's gel eyeliner as I've found it to be the best for not transferring to upper lid but it still does. Any tips please?  
I'm really struggling to find an eyeliner that doesn't smudge to upper lid. I've tried all top tips but is there one that's the best? Thanks xx

Eye make up and lipstick base 
I currently use a dab of foundation to ensure my eye shadow powder doesn't crease up before applying it. I use the same foundation on my lips to ensure …

how do I decide on what makeup to buy 
My son is getting married and I feel this is where I should make an effort and get advice on what make I should wear and how to apply. I normally only …

Foundation for oily skin 
Hi I have really oily skin and struggle to find a foundation that lasts all day without going shiny. Please help I hae wasted so much money on rubbish …

Best foundation for dry skin?  
Hi guys, I have a very dry skin and recently it's grown to be worse because of the weather. I've been looking for a foundation that suits my skin for …

PLZZ HELP !! I MAKE MY SELF LOOK OLDER , AND LESS BEAUTIFUL !!!what is best tips for my face makeup ? how i know my eyes shape  
hi , am 26 , long dark hair, white skin, under eyes like very thin little blue skin …

What's a good foundation for dry skin? 
I have tried a lot of different foundations and nothing seems to help, when I do put foundation on my face it looks cakey, when I dont even put that much …

I have freakles and like covering them up with foundation but what is a good foundation that I can buy from a superdrug store that is not that expensive …

Applying Makeup 
Can you show us how to apply different styles of make. Examples: Step by step How to Apply natural look, burlesque, party.. and so on?

Can you tell me what do you think about this look? I make up myself... :)

What should I do to look amazingly pretty and flawless?  
Hello, I was wondering that, because I want to look really nice. Can you also give me some beauty tips for school dances and tell me what types of makeup …

Makeup ideas for hen night and wedding? 
There's a family wedding coming up in July and the hen night this month. I'd like some advice on the colour of eyeshadow I should use for each occasion. …

Which foundation shade should I choose? Not rated yet
I am trying to decide between Estée Lauder double wear light .5 or 1.0. .5 matches my neck better but I think 1.0 is closer to my undertone. I'm posting …

What brand of eyeliner works best? Not rated yet
I've never really been into using eyeliner so I know little to nothing about which brands provide the best results. I'm long looking to do anything crazy, …

What is my undertone ? Not rated yet
Ok so , I need a good foundation and I found a few for my skin type ( oily/combination) . Yet , in order to actually find a perfect foundation for me I …

Deep set eyes  Not rated yet
Hi there, I have been "blessed" with small, kinda hooded, deep set eyes. Now what? I have been getting conflicting advice as to what make up style to wear. …

I have a permanent mascara shadow below my eye that I can't seem to get rid of, no matter how much makeup remover or soap+water I use. Any suggestions? Not rated yet
I have a permanent mascara shadow below my eye that I can't seem to get rid of, no matter how much makeup remover or soap+water I use. Any suggestions? …

Help finding a drugstore foundation for acne prone pale/olive toned skin Not rated yet
Hi everyone! I'm trying to finally find a drugstore foundation that matches my skin tone and helps cover up my acne. I have fair yellow/olive undertones …

Whats the best make up style for me?  Not rated yet
Im young and have fair skin, pass me pics or tutorials so i can understand better, thanks

Foundation Advice Not rated yet
I was using YSL Teint Resist for several years and was very happy with it. However, it is no longer available. I've tried Clarins Teint Haute Tenue …

Lipstick advice Not rated yet
Every time I wear anything on my lips, everyone I talk with will rub their lips. Like they notice my lips have something on them. Everyone. Can some people …

Eyemake up Not rated yet
Im a male and I have dark circles I want to get rid of them or just make them fade abit, I just want to know with what to start and what is not so obvi …

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Purple Dress, Red hair, and very pale skin Not rated yet
I'm going to a wedding and need help with choosing my makeup colors. My dress is royal purple. My hair is dyed with Vidal Sasoon Runway Red,. I will …

Long lasting lip colour Not rated yet
I'm a medic and I dont have the time during the day to reapply lipstick. Occasionally I use the long lasting lip colours but I find that daily use causes …

Makeup Pallet Not rated yet
What colour makeup pallet is best for a burgundy coloured dress?

Makeup running/patchy/smudging Not rated yet
My makeup, every day doesn't stay the same. My foundation gets blotchy, eyeliner smudges. The only thing that lasts is my mascara. As a dancer …

Oly skin make up Not rated yet
What's best make up for skin that goes oily within 1hr? Currently use bare minerals matte powder foundation

what should I do to bring out my face? Not rated yet
So what should I do?

Foundation for oily skin Not rated yet
Hi girls, I'm finding it really hard to find a foundation that lasts all day. i have really oily skin and find that after a few hours my skin is shiny …

Are beauty sites good?  Not rated yet
I have heard plenty about beauty sites that give you the 'right' products for you but has anyone actually tested them out? It would be very handy if …

What shape are my eyes and why is it so hard to apply eyeshadow? Help! Not rated yet
I've been struggling for years with my eye shape. I'm not sure if they are hooded or deep set but whenever I try to apply eyeshadow it never looks the …

Best Mineral Foundation EVER!!! Not rated yet
In response to "Freckles": I am a firm believe in purchasing healthy and healing products that benefit your body and skin, instead of hinder it. Unfortunately, …

Different shaped eyes - help! Not rated yet
While I was pregnant my eyes changed shape. It looks as though I have developed ptosis of some sort in that one eyelid is puffier than the other, which …

Bulging eyes and big round face. Not rated yet
Any suggestion for big bulging eyes with a round face. Thanks

Age to stop wearing makeup? Not rated yet
I am 70 yrs old and wondering if there is an age it would be more acceptable to not wear makeup?

Advice for Uploaded Photo? Not rated yet
Hi! I was just hoping to get some ideas and/or makeup advice. I'm also open to hair ideas and advice as well. Please no negative comments, thanks!

Need help with funky face shape and small eyes Not rated yet
I'd like to try to do a more dramatic eye but they are so small I wind up closing them in if I use heavy liner. I gained some weight and it's made my face …

Curling Eyelashes Not rated yet
When I curl my eyelashes, first I heat up my curler with my hairdryer. It works like a charm. I place my heated curler on my lashes for about 15-20 seconds, …

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