Longer Eyelashes

The Secrets to Voluminous Eyes

Every woman strives to get longer eyelashes as a way to attract attention. The fact is that the more your eyes pop, the better off you will look as a whole.

There are some natural and artificial ways to go about getting these fuller eyelashes, giving women a chance to have sultry eyes no matter what theirs might look like initially.

If you have been trying to figure out what to do to get your eyes to stand out, consider some of the eyelash secrets below.

Fake Lashes

Fake lashes add instant drama and create a more dramatic looking eye so the easiest way to go about getting longer eyelashes is to buy some fake ones to wear.

There are two types of fake lashes: Band lashes also called strip lashes are eyelash hairs that are all on a full band and you can wear this fake lash by adding an adhesive (black, white or clear) on the strip then apply the lash on top of your natural eyelash.

Before you apply the fake lash you can measure the strip of the fake lashes against your lash line, move it away from your eye then trim it to the length of your lash line.

Individual lashes are applied individually on top of your natural lashes one of a time. You can apply this lash by getting lash tweezers, dip the lash in glue and individually putting the small row of lashes on the edge of your eyelid and let it dry.

These lashes are made to blend in well with your natural lashes, but they are usually longer, thicker, and more noticeable as a whole.

Celebrities use fake lashes a lot to make themselves look better and there is no reason why you cannot do the same thing. You can have instantaneously full eyelashes as a result.  

Removing fake lashes

To remove fake eyelashes you need a small cotton pad saturated with warm water or with eye makeup remover. Hold the pad over the eyes to soften the adhesive. Then gently pull the fake lashes off.

Eyelash Curling

You can use an eyelash curler to also give your lashes a fuller look. This will make your eyelashes point upward rather than outward. This will give them the appearance of looking longer.

You can use generic metal curlers that you pump over your lashes, or you can use a heated eyelash curler to get the job done quickly. Either way, you will look great as a result of this.


Mascara is a key element to having longer eyelashes, and there are tons of different styles and brands to choose from.

Buying one cosmetics mascara to test out usually isn’t enough initially, so you may need to get a few different kinds to try at first.

Some brands and models work well for thick lashes and others are made for length. You need to figure out what is most important to you. When you put your mascara on, you need to start from the bottom of the lashes and work your way up slowly.

Do one coat on one eye, all the way from the base of the lashes to the tips of them. Then do the other eye while that dries a bit.

While the lashes are still a little tacky on the first eye, you can apply another coat of eyelash mascara to take your look even farther.

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