Best Lip Gloss Options for Day and Night

lip gloss

Although the lips are often thought of as an area that you can't really change, there's no need for collagen injections if you use the right makeup products and the best lip gloss.

Thinking about factors such as color, texture, and how to make your lips appear fuller can go a long way in how your lips appear to the outside world.

Gloss is often used as the top layer when you are putting on lip makeup, although with some of today's advances in this field you can also find a great gloss to wear on its own, so there is no need for separate lipstick or other products.

Makeup Tips for Kissable, Perfect Lips

Nude lips are a great option if you want to pair them with a smoky eye, for a dramatic and classic look. This can be best achieved with lip gloss. You can also choose to add just a splash of color if you prefer, which is a great option for daytime looks when you want to appear polished but not too over the top.

Be sure to apply gloss with care, because a heavy hand could make your lips look sticky instead of lush and moist.

Best Lipstick to Use with Gloss

lip gloss

You can prep your lips with lip moisturizer, balm, or a good exfoliator to slough off any dead skin and leave your lips soft and pliable to work with. This gives you a smooth base with which to apply lipstick on top of.

Choose shades that are close to your natural color but a little bit richer if you want to go for a good daytime look, and then top this with sheer lip gloss.

Another alternative for a more dramatic look would be to use a lip plumper, which will give your lips an irresistible pout.

Colored glosses are a good alternative to lipstick, if you want something that is a little lighter in appearance but still gives a touch of drama and shine.

What to Look for in the Best Lip Plumper and Gloss

Natural ingredients, long-lasting staying power, and added fragrances or flavors are all ways that different types of glosses may vary.

The best lip gloss options will also have an SPF of at least 15. Because your lips are one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of your body; it pays to protect them. This will help keep them looking moist and kissable throughout your lifetime.

When you are combining lip plumper with your gloss or are looking for a good combination product that serves as a two in one, you should find those that have natural ingredients like menthol or camphor, rather than those that are synthetic in nature and may irritate your lips.

If you’re ready to find long-lasting, high-pigment lipsticks that will stay on all day, you need our very own K.h.o.i.n. Cosmetics.

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