How To Wax Your Eyebrows

Knowing how to wax your eyebrows at home can be fun. You can purchase your do it yourself waxing kit at a beauty supply store, but before you start waxing your eyebrows you would want to prep it first by getting a cotton ball or pad and a toner to remove any dirt, oil or makeup. You would also need a pair of scissors and tweezers, and a brow brush or a brow comb.

Clean your eyebrows really good, from the top of the brow to the bottom of the brow and don't forget the middle of the forehead.

Then use a little powder on the brow to remove any oils that is left over. After you have done that, brush the brow upward with an eyebrow brush.  

Let The Waxing Begin!

You need a wooden stick and some cloth strips. Don't cut the strips too thin. The strips should be at least 1 inch thick.

Use a wooden stick to apply the wax on top of the eyebrow in the same direction of the hair growth evenly. Make sure the wax is not too hot before you apply it on your brow. If so, blow the wax before applying. Apply the wax on the hairs that you want off then pull the strip away against the hair growth.

You can wax your brow without the cloth strips too. First apply the wax on the stick, when you do that make sure that the wax isn't watery. Wait until the wax thickens, but not too thick. Apply the wax on the brow where you want the hairs removed, then wait for a couple of seconds.

Pull the skin on the end of the brow with your hands and with a pair of tweezers pull the wax off quickly. If you miss any spots you can go back and tweeze. Don't go back over the spot and wax twice, you can irritate the skin.

Waxing eyebrows is fairly quick and it last longer than tweezing. It also can save you lots of money doing it yourself. So if you want to know how to wax your eyebrows and to save some cash apply to these tips!

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