How to Shape Eyebrows

Tips for Getting Great Looking Brows Every Day

Learning how to shape eyebrows properly can bring great definition to your face, more so than you may realize.

If you have well shaped eyebrows to set the top for your eyes, forehead, and face in general, you can look much better than you would with overgrown or misshapen ones.

There are many techniques for shaping eyebrows to take into consideration, and you may want to look over them before you end up taking off more brow than necessary.

Here are your options:

Eyebrow Tweezing

Tweezing is the most well-known form of eyebrow grooming out there, and that is because it is fairly simple to do.

  • All you have to do is stake a standard set of tweezers, like the ones you would use for a splinter, and follow the natural shape of your brow to pull hair off your face that does not belong.

  • Don’t forget to pluck underneath your brows also. It’s great for clean-ups. Tweezing as a whole can hurt a little bit, but it is great for times when you only need a few stray hairs to be removed.

If you are planning to tweeze your eyebrows, you should leave the hair above the brow line alone. There may be a few spare hairs up there to get rid of, but for the most part, you want the shape of your natural eyebrows to stand out. That will look the best on your face.

Eyebrow Waxing

If you have to tweeze your eyebrows on a regular basis or if there is simply too much hair to tweeze there, you may look into eyebrow waxing.

Warm wax is placed on the brow using strips of cloth to remove some of the hairs. This will remove the hair for months at a time, and it can take off large sets of hair in one swoop.

If you have sensitive skin it’s best to stay away from waxing. You can choose to get your brows professionally waxed, or you could do that yourself. There are kits available that will provide the eyebrow shaping tips you need to look your best.

Eyebrow Touch ups

If you accidentally pull too much hair off your eyebrows, you may want to invest in some eyebrow brushes and pencils to fill in the gaps until the hair grows back.

Get a shade that is similar to your natural brow color, and only fill in gaps as needed like a tinted brow gel.

If you do too much with a pencil, people will be able to tell you paint on your eyebrows.

Then any work you did to shape them will be lost through reputation.

Be careful and learn how to shape eyebrows properly and you will be fine.

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