How To Put On Lipstick

I will teach you how to put on lipstick. Putting on lipstick is a breeze, it can be easy as 1-2-3, but first you will need lipstick, lip liner, lip balm ( if your lips are dry), lip loss and a lipstick brush.

Before you put on lipstick make sure that your lips are exfoliated to remove the dead skin cells so that your lips won't look flaky or dry.

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Choosing Lip Color

Then choose a lipstick color that will look good for your skin tone. The best way to find out the best lipstick color for your skin tone is to experiment on what looks best on you.

If you decide to go bold on the lip color make sure when applying eye makeup go simple on the eye makeup and if you want to do a natural tone on the lips you can get dramatic on the eye makeup.

Lip liner

First apply on lip liner outside of the lip line to avoid lipstick bleeding. A lip line is the outline of your lips. If you don't want to use a lip liner you can replace it with some concealer. Just place some concealer on the outline of the lips. This avoids the bleeding of the lipstick and it makes the lip color last longer too.

Applying Lipstick

Before applying lipstick be sure to MOISTURIZE! it with some lip balm if your lips are very dry, this will soften them. Next, when using the whole lipstick to apply color to your lips, use a lip brush instead. This tool controls the amount of lipstick you apply and makes the color last longer.

When learning how to put on lipstick some people put the lipstick directly on the lip, that ok but its a lot better and easier when using the lip brush to apply the color from the center of the lips following the outside line of the lip liner then fill in the lip with color.

This method is easier because you'll have less lipstick on the brush when you get to the lip line.

Then blot your lips with a tissue and apply powder on the tissue to set the lipstick color on the lips. Take the tissue off your lips then re-apply the color.

Once you apply your lipstick don't rub your lips together after applying lipstick, lip liner. You will ruin your look.

To add a finishing touch apply some lip gloss. Pucker Up!

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