How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

By learning how to apply fake eyelashes you can achieve a glamorous red carpet look far easier than you may realize, whether you are going out for a hot date or out on the town with your friends.

These cut the need for hair extensions or plastic surgery, because they can give your look an instant shot of sexy glamour while at the same time subtly changing the proportions of your face.

Even if you have small eyes, false eyelashes can really make them pop far better than eye makeup alone is able to do. The trick is to first learn a few simple techniques to make it easier, choose the right products, such as eyelash adhesive, and practice in the mirror a few times.

Eyelash Products Needed

To get started with learning how to apply fake eyelashes, you will first need to gather the right materials.

False eyelashes are available in either reusable or disposable blends. These can be custom-fit to your face in the shop, or you can measure the strip of lashes to your own eye, and then trim off any excess on your own. You'll need a good glue or eyelash adhesive.

If you have sensitive skin or eyes, be sure to purchase adhesive that is formulated for sensitive eyes, and take care when you wear contact lenses that no glue gets on the lens. You can carefully apply just a thin line of adhesive next to the base of the eyelash strip, and then allow it to dry for a few seconds before application.

Top Eyelash Secrets

By following a few top secrets from makeup experts, you can figure out how to apply false eyelashes that look natural. One trick is to trim your falsies with irregular ends.

Natural lashes don't all grow to the same length, so if you put on a strip that is straight and blocky, it can look kind of fake.

By trimming the eyelashes, you can enhance your own and mimic the body's natural lash growth. Another hint is to apply the false lashes at the outer corner of your eye first, and then lay it down gently.

A cotton swab stick will help give you a greater level of precision than your fingers when you are trying to get the lashes to lay down flat and dry evenly.

How Cosmetics Mascara Helps

The final step when you are learning how to apply false eyelashes is to blend the false lashes with your own. You can use mascara to help do this, by applying a coat over the false eyelashes as well as your own.

This will seamlessly blend the two so that it's nearly impossible to tell where your own lashes end and the new ones begin. 

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