How To Apply Bronzer

Giving you that natural glow

We will show you how to apply bronzer on the right way. The purpose of a bronzer is to give you that natural sun-kissed overall  glowing look. Bronzer is not something that you apply all over your face. You don’t want have a completely different shade.  So how do you apply on bronzer the right way is you apply it on your cheek bones, your temples, your nose and your chin.

What you need is a blush blusher and a makeup bronzer. When you’re applying on bronzer use only a little bit because you want your face to look as natural as possible and not too dark that it looks caked on. You want to do is apply on all the bone structure on the face. So what you want to do is sweep very lightly starting from the temples and brush back and forth from the temples of your head to the apples of your cheek bones. It’s kind of like making a letter C. When you are applying the bronzer on do not apply all the way down on your cheeks. Apply to your cheekbones only, not your cheeks!

When you are applying bronzer to your face make sure you are blending it in near your hairline so it will look more natural. You will notice that your bone structure is being highlighted. Then apply some bronzer on your neck line area near your jaw line.

Apply some bronzer up behind your ear to the jaw line and then brush down to the neck because you want to look like its blending in your skin tone.  Once you have contour and highlighted your temples and your cheekbones, you can apply just a little bit of the bronzer on your nose and your chin because that’s where the sun usually hits. You can also apply the bronzer on the neck down into the chest area too!

To add a finished touch you can add a bit more glamour to your look by applying a cream blush or a blush added with some shimmer to it.

Always remember while applying on bronzer less is more!

Here are some helpful tips on how to apply bronzer. Choose which bronzer shades are better for your skin tone. Your bronzer shoud be one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Fair skin tone: Choose a light bronzer with a rose, brown or peach under tone.

Medium skin tone: Brownish pink or amber for olive undertones

Dark skin tone: Golden, bronzed, copper, amber shades.

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