Hazel Eye Makeup Tips and Best Color Combinations

Hazel Eye Makeup

Have you flipped through the pages of your favorite magazine and saw hazel eye makeup that just made the eyes pop?

Chances are you have and picked up the same makeup that the ad was promoting and plastered it on your face. By the time you were done, you didn’t look quite like the picture. The reason is that more goes into the process than just slathering on a cosmetic. You need to pay close attention to the color and technique you are using.

Color is Not One Size Fits All for Hazel Eye Makeup

Here’s something to consider when you’re looking at makeup to enhance your eye color, the shade that looks best on a certain celebrity isn’t always what’s best for you. The problem is you need to consider skin tone, hair color and other factors that impact your results. So what’s the solution? Pick up a group of same colors and begin to experiment with them. But let’s go ahead and see what some of these colors can do for your eyes.

Brown Hues

With shades of brown in your arsenal of makeup, you can bring out the dynamic brown shades of the hazel eyes. Use light browns to help make a subtle change in the tone of your eyes or if you want a dramatic contrast, you can change things up with a deep, bold brown.

Golden Colors for Hazel Eye Makeup

Most people with hazel eyes have gold and green specks in their eye color. In order to bring them out, consider adding some golden colors around your eyes. This is a great way for you to help to add some shimmer and shine to your face, while leaving people speechless as they explore the unique depth and complexity of your eyes natural beauty.

Shades of Blue

One of the worst mistakes people have with hazel eye makeup is using blue as a part of their makeup regimen. Yes, baby blue and navy blue are unique fashion statements. But they dull out the color of your eyes and take away from them. This is especially the case in those who have flecks of brown or green in their eyes. So if you have hazel eyes, get rid of all shades of blue from your makeup kit.

Purple for Dramatic Effects

Want a little drama on your face, then shades of purple are the answer. Bring the true drama out as you use a rich, vibrant shade of plum. Or if you want a more subtle, yet dramatic approach, consider adding a little lavender to your face. When you wiggle into your little black dress, these shades of purple will have everyone turning their heads, wanting to know who just walked into the room.

Caramel Colors

Beige or caramel can also help you to become the envy of all the other girls in the room. As you apply it around your eyes, it will transform their color and their appearance. You’ll notice a strike contrast to the way they look naturally, when they are combined with these colors. Use these colors when you want to add some mystery to your appearance that people will definitely be talking about in the months that follow an outing.

Go Pink

Is a soft, romantic look in order for a special evening? Then pink should be in your makeup regimen. This look will help to add an endearing look that will cause your lover to gaze longingly at you as they realize they are smitten with your angelic beauty. Similar shades like mauve are also a great choice and will definitely leave him looking to seal the deal with a kiss at the end of the night.

As you can see, there are plenty of shades out there to help bring out the natural beauty of your eyes with hazel eye makeup. Just remember when you apply eye makeup that creative wings at the tip of the eye centralize the focus on them, while a bold outline for a smoky eye draws attention. Also make sure you begin with a clean area around the eye then add a little corrective tone before the eye shadow. Then place a darker color of the shades you’re using in the crease of the eye to make a bold statement. With that done, you’re ready to take on the town with your breathtaking hazel eyes.

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