Gothic Makeup

The Dark Side of Beauty

Gothic Makeup

Gothic makeup is often considered to be too harsh by modern standards, but for those who love the look, it is just another extension of their personalities.

Gothic looks are associated with dark colors, pale skin, and similar looks that are considered too bold for most people nowadays.

If you think you have the personality to pull off such a look though, follow some of the makeup tips below.

Goth Skin

While most makeup styles will lean towards self tanners and other things that make your skin bronze, the gothic makeup look is made to focus on paler complexions.

You should get a foundation that will give you an even skin tone, and do not worry about getting a tan to fit in somehow.

The whiter you are, the better off you will be. Powdered and matte looks are popular with this style, but you could also go with mineral foundation if you wanted to.

Gothic Lips

Choosing lipstick for a gothic look is really a matter of what you want to wear.

Most true gothic people will wear dark colors like maroon to draw attention to their lips. Some even go as far as using black lipstick.

If you do not want to do that though, you could always wear a natural shade of lipstick and still fit in the gothic theme.

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Gothic Eyes

Gothic Makeup

The eyes are the important part of gothic styling. For gothic eye makeup, darker is better.

Most Goths will wear black or very dark colored eye shadow over heavy black liner to create a big focus on their eyes.

Gothic people also have no fear going wild with their eye makeup, putting on bright green or hot pink shadow at will. As long as the look is finished with a lot of mascara, it can still be gothic.


The gothic look is bold enough to give you the freedom to choose what you will look like. If you like wearing a certain color, by all means do so.

Being gothic is all a matter of expressing yourself in as bold of a way as possible. Thus you can pick out the eye or lip color that best reflects who you are, not necessarily what is “trendy” at the moment.

Goths do not follow other people’s makeup ideas. They create their own. Feel free to do that for yourself if you want to get into this look.

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