Tips for Dramatic Gothic Eye Makeup

gothic eye makeup

The Gothic look combines pale skin, black clothing, and special techniques for Gothic eye makeup.

If you have a flair for the dramatic and enjoy not looking like everyone else, you might find that you can pull off this look successfully.

This works best for those who are confident, and take the time to master a few basic makeup skills.

Although face powder or a pale foundation is one part of the equation, most of the makeup tips that you will need focus on the eyes. This is where you can really mix and match different types of makeup, to achieve a full look that is both flattering and exotic.

How to Pull off Exotic Makeup

Whether you are interested in putting on Gothic eye makeup or any other type of exotic eye makeup, there are a few ways that you can make your look more successful.

One important rule to keep in mind, even with a really dramatic makeup plan, is to focus your attention on one facial feature at a time.

If you choose to put on really heavy black eye makeup, and then combine this with burgundy lips, neither feature will be able to stand out because your face will be overwhelmed.

Dramatic Eye Makeup Techniques

Curling and emphasizing your lashes is a good way to make your Gothic eyes stand out. If you simply smear on some black shadow, this may not lead to as dramatic or flattering of a look as you might have in mind.

By taking the time to prep your lid with a base, your makeup will last longer, and your lashes will stand out more when you curl them before applying mascara. Don't be afraid to try out different types of makeup styles, to find the best techniques or looks to work for you.

The whole Gothic style is meant to be unique, so there are no set rules as to what types of makeup tricks you could employ.

Gothic Eye Makeup Tricks

gothic eye makeup

The main rule with Gothic eye makeup is the darker, the better. Black eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara are all tools that any Goth will want to have in their makeup kit.

However, you can also combine the black with blends of other dark shades.

Anything rich, jewel-toned, and opulent will fit into the Gothic decadent lifestyle, so you could try throwing in some rich emerald or ruby tones as well as your black base. Metallic gold and copper is also something to give a try.

If you want to really make your eyes stand out, you can use false eyelashes as well, both on the upper and lower lash lines. Rhinestones, glitter or other sparkly accessories can provide the final touch to your Gothic look.

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