Free Eye Makeup Tips

free eye makeup tips

Although eye makeup sometimes seems like the easiest to use, it's always helpful to get free eye makeup tips.

Simply smearing on some shadow and black mascara is a good start for enhancing the way your eyes look, but if you are using the wrong color of eye shadow or outdated and heavy handed techniques, you might actually be doing yourself a disservice.

With a few basic expert techniques, you can manage to make your eyes look wider, brighter, and larger all at the same time. You can also learn how to make your eye color stand out. There are a few rules and secrets used by the experts, with special attention paid to eye lashes.

Basic Eye Makeup Advice

One of the simplest yet most frequently overlooked free eye makeup tips is the importance of highlighting your eyes.

You can use eye shadows or other types of eye makeup that emphasize their highlighting benefits, or you could use simple white shadow and dab it in the corners of your inner eyes. After a night out on the town, this can really help wake up your eyes and make your whites look whiter.

Using different colors of eye shadow for your lids as well as the creases in your eyes can make eyes look bigger. You should also consider using a highlighter underneath your brows, so that the expanse between your eye and eyebrow looks larger and fuller.

Advanced Eye Makeup Techniques

free eye makeup tips

Eye shadow and highlighter is only one factor to think about when you are looking at free eye makeup tips. You should also learn how to use eyeliner properly.

While most women instinctively reach for basic black, if you are willing to experiment more with color you could make the colors of your eyes stand out.

Choose a color that contrasts with your eye color, and line the inside rims of your eyes for a more dramatic look.

This can then be accentuated with lengthening your eyelashes through curling, or even with the use of false eyelashes. Don't be afraid to go over the top with your eye makeup, but be sure to pair this with a toned-down lip shade.

New Makeup Ideas

For further new makeup ideas, you can start with looking at magazines and resources online. Don't be afraid to play with different color blends, eyelash extenders, or new tools.

Looking at sources such as the Wow Makeup Styles Newsletter can give you further free eye makeup tips straight from the experts, so that you can stay on top of the latest trends while still learning more about classics including how to make up smoky eyes, natural looks, and which colors will really make your eyes pop.

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