Foundation Makeup

Different Kinds of Foundation to Choose From

You can find all sorts of foundation makeup on the market today. All of it is designed to even out skin complexion in one way or another, making for a good "foundation" for the rest of the makeup to go on.

Since there are so many different kinds of foundation out there, finding the one that will work for you may seem challenging.

Let’s take a look at your options to see if we cannot narrow the search a bit.

First you would want to pick the right formula of foundation color that matches your skin tone.

Try two or three foundation shades in your undertone that fits best with your skin tone.

The best place to test out the shade of the foundation is your jaw line near your neck.

You would want the foundation to blend into the skin; you do not want to look like your wearing a mask.

Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is usually sold in a pump bottle or glass bottle, depending on the manufacturer.

This is great for direct coverage because it goes onto the skin via a sponge applicator, and it can usually cover most of the blemishes you may have.

The problem with this is that your pores have no chance to breath with liquid makeup on. Thus you could end up making your skin conditions worse in trying to cover them. Overall, it is not an ideal product.

Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is a little lighter than liquid foundation, but it can still leave your pores with no room to breathe.

Powder also has a tendency to come off during the day because it has nothing to grip onto.

You can use it in combination with liquid foundation for a pretty decent coverage option, but that will leave you with a caked on feeling that no woman like to have. Again, this is not an idea solution.

Mineral Foundation

Organic cosmetics are enriched with minerals that actually work to heal the skin while it is concealed.

These minerals are great for getting rid of problems on the surface of the skin, even though they cannot do this alone. Still, this foundation solution is light weight, breathable, durable, and great looking all at the same time.

This is the best foundation solution out there by a long shot, and luckily, more of it is coming out in the market every day.

Makeup Removal

You do need to make sure that you take off your foundation makeup before bed at night to avoid any breakouts on your skin. This is even true for mineral makeup.

This is just a precaution to prevent anything at all from getting into your pores can causing problems down the road.

As long as you eat well and take good care of your face, you should have clear enough skin to go without foundation if necessary.

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