How to Widen Eyes with False Eyelashes

false eyelashes

Although they may have received a bad reputation over the years, false eyelashes are now back with a vengeance.

Today's lashes not only look and feel more realistic than ever before, but they are also popular with a younger generation that is not afraid of glamour when going out on the town. Some of the most popular styles are decorated with sequins, diamantes, or other bits of glitter and shine for a more dramatic look.

If you have been afraid of using these for fear of not being able to apply them properly, it can be a good idea to start off with a smaller, plain band for practice and then working up to the six inch lashes for your next big night out.

Eyelash Secrets for Longer Eyelashes

It's important to realize that fake eyelashes are not only used by party girls or for red carpet events. They can blend into your daily makeup routine if you choose the more subtle styles.

False lashes are available in strips of varying lengths and colors to match your natural lash line, or they can be glued into your lash line one at a time when you want the most natural look possible.

These are one of Hollywood's best kept secrets, as many actresses are constantly sporting false lashes. Not only can they widen your eyes, but they can also make you look younger.

It's important not to overdo it though if you don't want everyone to know you're wearing falsies.

The Best False Eyelashes

false eyelashes

With so many different types of false eyelashes on the market, the best types will really depend on the look that you are going for.

Choosing lashes that are roughly the same shade as your natural ones will help you achieve a more natural look, but there are also dark black shades that will blend in with black mascara. Choosing those made from natural fibers can reduce irritation to the eye.

Think about how frequently you plan on wearing these lashes before you make your investment.

Tips for Applying Eyelash Adhesive

To get the best effects, you should use a dark eyeliner pencil to trace the upper eyelid before you apply adhesive. Smudge this slightly. This will help to conceal the band of your false eyelashes.

Apply the glue or adhesive to your finger or to an applicator stick, and pull the band of the eyelash strip through it. Let this sit for a few moments before applying the band to your lash line.

Starting at the outer corners of your eye is recommended. You can also follow up your fake lashes with curling, and an extra coat of mascara to blur the lines between your real lashes and fake ones.

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