Top Celebrity Eyelash Secrets

eyelash secrets

Turning on the television or heading to the movies, you would not be wrong in thinking that all celebrities have access to special eyelash secrets.

Long, luscious eyelashes are an essential part of any full makeup job, because they can help widen and frame the eyes, giving a youthful or seductive appearance to your face depending on the effect you are going for.

With a combination of false eyelashes, top makeup products, and the right tools to enhance your natural lash line, you can get the same red carpet look at home. However, there are a few tricks to take into consideration.

Hot Eyelash Products

Good mascara is the fundamental of any eye makeup routine. There are perhaps no eyelash secrets quite as important as choosing the right mascara. It elongates the lashes, while making them look fuller at the same time.

While black mascara is a classic product, colored versions can also have a dramatic impact on how your eyes appear, such as blue or green. Brown or clear mascara is ideal if you are going for a more natural look, depending on the shade of your natural lashes.

You can combine the effects of mascara with other eye makeup products, including eyeliner, eye shadow, or gels and creams for a look as dramatic or personalized as you wish.

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When to Use False Eyelashes

eyelash secrets

One of the top eyelash secrets in Hollywood is the use of false eyelashes. These don't always need to be six inches long or come studded with sequins and rhinestones to have an effect. You can find false eyelashes that are appropriate for the office, but give you a more polished and wide eyed look at the same time.

Some of these are available in strips that you adhere to your lash line, while others will be in individual strands that you can dot at the corners of your eyes.

Using a highlighter or white eye shadow in the inner creases of your eyes will also help increase your wide-eyed appearance. A coat of mascara over your false and natural eyelashes will then blend them together, so that it will be almost impossible to tell whether you are wearing false or real lashes. The world will wonder, but no one will know your secret.

The Importance of an Eyelash Curler

Whether you are sticking to your natural lashes or adding in a little help with false eyelashes, an eyelash curler could be your best friend. These are available in plastic, metal, and self-heating versions.

Curling your lashes before you put on mascara can double their perceived length, so you should consider using tools like this to give your natural lash line a boost. This is one of the easiest eyelash secrets to take care of at home.

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