Eyelash Mascara

Make Your Lashes Long & Thick

Using eyelash mascara is one way to add definition to the eyes. So let's create the look in 3 easy steps:

1. First start off with a clean eye without any makeup then curl your eyelash with an eyelash curler this will make your eyes appear bigger. Start to the root of the lashes as close as possible to the end of the lashes.

 Curl your lashes as tight as possible and pump the curler at least 5 times. Don't use the eyelash curler after you had applied the mascara because you can break your lashes off.

2. Get your mascara wand and apply the product on your lashes wiggling it back and forth from the root to the end of the lashes. 

3. Apply more mascara to your lashes if you want more of that defined  look! Get a black pencil or a liquid eyeliner and draw a line across on the lash line as close as possible on your lashes.

This creates an illusion look that you have thicker eyelashes. Then apply the liner on the lower lids by applying a line close to the lower lashes.

Tip: When you are using the mascara don't pump the wand into the mascara tube. You will eventually dry it out. Also if your hair is light brown and you are fair, you should go for a brown mascara. Black mascara will look too harsh on you.

When choosing eyelash mascara choose a specific mascara formula that fits your needs.


Thickening- Its coats the lashes that will give it more volume, mostly clumpy.

Lengthening- It gives it a more natural look and it goes on smoothly.

Water Proof- Best for swimming, wedding etc. To remove waterproof mascara use eye makeup remover. Also try not to use waterproof mascara everyday it can be damaging to your eyelashes.

Non-Clumping- Makes your eyelashes from looking goopy and adds a lot of volume and length.

Throw away your mascara after 3 months. Mascara can carry a lot of bacteria from the tube to the eye. 

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