Eyebrows Shapes

We have the solution for you! Flatter your face shape more by using these eyebrows shapes corrective techniques weather you have a round, square, oval, heart, long or diamond face shape. But first you want to identify the shape of your face.

So here are some eyebrows shapes that will suit your face shape. 

Your Ideal Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

eyebrows for square face shape A Square face shape has a square and bony defined jawline and almost is the same width as the forehead. Shape your brows more of a curve arch.
eyebrows for oval face shape The Oval face shape has more like a natural face shape. You have an oval chin. Its also an ideal shape to have because its very versatile for whichever brows shape your perfer. A soft angled brow shape would be best.
eyebrows for round face shape For the Round face shape you want to draw the attention upwards. Your face is so round you want to elongate the face. So to achieve this you want to create a high brow arch. Keep your brows small and skinny, the high arch adds angles to a round face to appear narrower.
eyebrows for long face shape A Long face shape has more of a prominent chin and more of a vertical dimensions to your face shape. So for this brow shape you want more of a horizontal dimensions to your face. Your brows will be more horizontal, a straighter brow and less of a arch. To create this brow look slightly shorten your brows by just plucking your brows from the outer ends. Avoid extending your brows further then the outside corners of your eyes. Also avoid a high-arch brow. If you made a mistake and gave yourself a high arch brow to correct this you can tweeze some of the hairs from the top brow. Then fill in the lower part of the brow with a eyeshadow or with a brow pencil.
eyebrows for diamond face shape The Diamond face shape is widest at the temples. Go for a curve sharp arch that is very defined. This curve eyebrow will soften the angled face.
eyebrows for heart face shape For the Heart face shape you want your brows to be fuller (Not too Big) since your face is wider at the forehead. Tweeze your brows to a high arch, slightly not too much. Start tweezing above where your iris is to give your brows some extra length.

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