Eyebrow Trimmers

Eyebrow trimmers are good to use if you want to have a natural look to your eyebrows. The tools you will need are a little eyebrow spiral brush or an eyebrow comb and a pair of eyebrow scissors. How do we know when it’s time to trim your eyebrows?  First you are going to take your eyebrow brush/comb and just brush your eyebrows down or up and if the hairs fall far outside of your eyebrow lines then its time for trim. Brush the eyebrows in the direction the way it grows. Don’t brush it all over the place. Make sure that your eyebrow arch is at above the outer edge of your iris while you are trimming.

If you have lengthy eyebrow hairs you can brush it downwards. So brush it down and trim from underneath.  As you are trimming you can see on your eyebrow the main hair line of the hair. Use brow scissors to trim hairs that extend above that line.

Follow the natural curve of your eyebrows. So with your scissors you are going to cut against the eyebrow hairline. Now all the long extra hairs that are sticking out those are the unwanted hairs.

After you have finished trimming you want to take your eyebrow brush/comb and brush it up once more to see if you have gotten all those extra eyebrow hairs, and if not you can go back and cut it once more. Remember less is more you can always go back if you need to trim. Then brush your eyebrows back in place. Once you have done that you can use tweezers to pluck away the leftover stray hairs from underneath each arch of the eyebrows. Tweeze any stray hairs between your brows too.

Final Touches 

For the finishing touches if you have any sparse hairs, you can use an eyebrow pencil and fill any gaps. You can also use an eyebrow highlighter to highlight and to brighten up your eye area too!

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