Top Eyebrow Styles for a New Look

eyebrow styles

One way to update your whole look is by trying new eyebrow styles.

Not only will the shape and shade of your eyebrows dramatically redefine your face in many cases, but this is also an area that can shave years off of your age when you use the right techniques.

To get started, you should consider your face shape, to determine what styles will be the most flattering. Not everyone looks their best with a dramatic peaked arch, and while eyebrow styles come and go, a more natural look tends to stay in fashion.

Eyebrows Shapes

The best type of eyebrow styles will depend on your face's shape to begin with. Long faces benefit from a flat eyebrow, for example, because this helps shorten the face by breaking it up with a smooth line in the middle.

A heart-shaped face benefits from soft, rounded brows, while an oval face shape, considered to be the most common type of face shape, will look the best with a gentle arch.

You can take a look at the ways that different arch shapes and styles work with your face, by looking at examples online or how eyebrows look on models and celebrities. Both Grace Kelly and Jennifer Aniston, for example, have oval shapes, and corresponding gentle arches.

How to Shape Eyebrows

Once you have selected the best shape or eyebrow styles for your facial features, the next step is to work on shaping your eyebrows. To do this, you'll need the right tools. You can choose to wax or tweeze your eyebrows into the best shape.

Always tweeze or wax from the underside of the eyebrow, removing stray hairs while gently shaping your brows into the ideal shape.

By leaving the hairs above your brow line alone, you will achieve a more natural look. Take breaks while you are shaping, so that you can examine your face. A common mistake is to over-pluck your eyebrows, leaving you with little to work with next time.

Eyebrow Makeup and Dying Eyebrows

eyebrow makeup

For a more dramatic look, you could think about dying your eyebrows.

This can help if you have dyed the rest of your hair and you want your eyebrows to blend in. Enlisting the help of a friend or going to a professional salon can ensure that you don't miss any spots, but always be sure to protect your eyes carefully.

If you need to fill your eyebrows in while they are growing back, you can use eyebrow pencils to create a new style. A flat brush and eye shadow can also be used in a pinch, so that you can shade and shape the eyebrow line that you have.

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