Top 10 Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Using any of these different eyebrow makeup tips, you can make stunning difference in your looks.

Which facial features do you focus on when doing your makeup? If you’ve answered the eyes or the lips, you’re just like many other ladies. There’s, however, one more facial feature that few focus on and that can have a profound impact on appearance – the eyebrows.

Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Favorite Eyebrow Makeup Tips:

Shaping your eyebrows properly and applying some makeup to them could completely transform your face. If you don’t know how to get started, here are a couple of easy eyebrow makeup tips.

1.  Choose the Right Shape
Eyebrow shapes complement different types of faces. Before getting started with shaping your eyebrows, take some time to consider the most flattering form.

Women that have a round face will benefit from angled eyebrows that add some balance and elongate the face. Ladies that have diamond and heart-shaped faces will look really beautiful with soft angled eyebrows. In the case of a long face, you may want to go for flat eyebrows that will once again balance out the proportions.

2.  Be Careful with Plucking
Over-plucked eyebrows used to be a thing a few decades ago. In fact, many ladies rocked pencil-thin eyebrows. Today, such shapes produce a comic effect. Fuller, more natural-looking eyebrows that are properly shaped give the face some softness and appeal.

If you don’t know how to get started using these eyebrow makeup tips, you may want to have your eyebrows shaped professionally the first time. After you’ve gotten a good form and some fullness, you’ll simply be left with doing a bit of maintenance.

3.  Use a Brow Pen or a Pencil
Accidents happen, hairs fall off and some of the eyebrow fullness may be gone. It’s also possible for the two eyebrows to look a bit different.

In such instances, you should use an eyebrow pen or pencil to fill out the empty spots and give the brows a richer color. When it comes to color, be careful and take your time. The tone you choose should match your hair. Beauty shops feature a wide selection of eyebrow pencils that you can test to identify the correct shade.

4.  Always Blend
It’s imperative to do a bit of blending after using the eyebrow pen or pencil. Otherwise, you’ll end up with unnaturally dark, drawn-on eyebrows.

Eyebrow pencils usually come with a small brush on the backside. This brush is there for the purpose of blending. After you use it on the penciled spots, you’ll get a much softer and more natural outcome.

5.  Highlight the Area Underneath the Brow
One of the most effective eyebrow makeup tips is that a little bit of highlighter or eye shadow can be used right underneath the eyebrow to accentuate its shape. Don’t go overboard – a small amount will usually go a long way.

6.  Use Some Concealer
Sometimes, it’s difficult to create a clear line on top and bottom of your eyebrows. Even if you get your brows shaped professionally, it’s still possible to have a few hairs sticking out of place.

There’s a simple trick that many ladies use for the creation of a perfect clean line – they apply concealer. Use the one that you usually apply underneath the eyes and to hide dark spots. Apply in a perfect line on top and bottom of the brows. Blend the concealer away from the eyebrow and you’ll get a beautiful, clean outcome.

7.  Take a Look at Your Eyebrows from a Distance
Staring at your reflection directly in the mirror doesn’t give you the perspective that you need to assess the shape and symmetry of your eyebrows.

When doing some eyebrow plucking or applying your makeup, it’s a good idea to stand back and observe your reflection from a distance. Seeing your entire shape makes it easier to spot mistakes.

Also, when staring at brows closely in the mirror, you’ll find out that they aren’t 100 percent symmetrical. Such issues can easily drive you wild. Guess what, nobody has perfectly symmetrical eyebrows. Take a look at your face from a distance and you’ll see that the shortcoming is impossible to spot. Also, it gives you some unique charm.

8.  Always Brush Your Eyebrows
Even if you don’t feel like applying makeup to the eyebrows, get in the habit of always brushing them. Sometimes as simple as putting a brush to the little hairs can have an immediate positive impact on the shape and the fullness.

9.  Try Alternative Brow Products
There are several eyebrow products you can use to get the perfect shape.

Eyebrow gel is a product that has similar qualities to hair styling gel. It’s used to keep the eyebrow hairs in place throughout the day. Brush your eyebrows and apply a little bit of gel. It’s perfect for creating a shape and making sure that the beautiful outcome doesn’t get ruined during the day.

If you don’t like eyebrow pencil, you may want to go for brown eyeshadow. The powder will produce a more natural effect, as long as it matches your hair color. Give it a try – many ladies prefer this technique over the use of pens and pencils.

10.  Consider Lightening Your Eyebrows

The final strategy you may want to consider is lightening your eyebrows. This technique is best for ladies that have a pale complexion and super dark eyebrows.

Very dark eyebrows can give you a harsh appearance. Going a few tones lighter will immediately soften your features. For best results, go to a professional stylist. Such experts know how to change the color of eyebrows without causing any damage.

These are just some of the eyebrow shaping and eyebrow makeup tips that you can rely on. Take some time to identify the steps that you feel most comfortable with. Eyebrow shaping may seem complex in the beginning but once you get used to the techniques, you’ll need just a few minutes in the morning to get the perfect outcome.

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