Makeup Techniques for
Different Eye Shapes

eye shapes

Although a great deal of attention is paid to eye color and skin tone, eye shapes should also be taken into consideration in distinguishing the best types of makeup and techniques.

What looks good on someone with small eyes will not work for someone with eyes that are large and set far apart from each other, for example.

To begin the process of finding out what shape your eyes are, you will want to look in a mirror and take note of the amount of visible eyelid that is there in between your brow bone and upper lashes.

Most eyes are almond shaped, but some will be rounder or flatter depending on your facial structure, so that is another factor to think about.

Makeup Tips for Small or Close Set Eyes

eye shapes small or close set

If your eyes are smaller in comparison to the rest of your facial features, then you have a small eye shape. You should pluck your eyebrows to thinner proportions, because this will help increase that expanse of space in between your eyes and brow line and make your eyes look larger.

Extending your eyeliner beyond the outer corner of your eye is another way to add volume to your eyes, and make them look proportionally larger.

Those with eyes that are set close to one another will want to use some techniques to widen and space them. Using a lighter shade of eye shadow from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the lid can help achieve this highlighted effect.

Makeup Ideas for Large or Wide Set Eyes

eye shapes large or wide set

Other typical types of eye shapes include large and wide set eyes, which have a wider space in between the two eyes. To make the most of this type of shape, you should use more intense eye shadow colors in the middle of the eye, and then blend these outward to the edges.

With larger eyes, you can apply eyeliner to both the upper and lower lash lines freely, because this will not diminish their size like it might in the case of smaller eyes. Mascara may also be applied liberally.

Eye Makeup Tricks for Hooded Eyes

eye shapes hooded eyes

If you can't see your eyelid, you have what is known as a hooded eye shape. To make the most of these, you will want to highlight your brow bone while at the same time lining the lash line.

Applying a medium or dark shadow on the crease or hooded area of your eyelid, and a lighter shadow on the brow bone will help create more of a defined difference between the two regions of your eye. Black mascara should only be applied to the upper lashes, or you could make your eyes appear smaller.

Makeup Tips for Deep-Set Eyes

deep set eyes

Your eyes seem to appear "sunken" or with a larger eye socket.

Apply a light shadow over the eye socket and then add another color, don't use a color that's too dark when you are blending up to the brow line. When using eye liner use a liquid eyeliner top of your eyelid and extend slightly on the outer corner.

Makeup Ideas for Prominent Eyes

eye shapes prominent eyes

Your eyes tend to extend out from the face. To minimize their fullness, highlight the brow bone, then starting at your upper lash line apply eye shadow.

Use a deeper or contour shadow all over your eyelids all the way up to your brow bone.

Makeup Tips for Droopy-Eyes

eye shapes droopy

The outer corners of your eyes are slightly downward. Your goal is to make the outer corner of your eyes to appear upward rather than downward.

When applying eye shadow to your eyelids you want to start from the outside corner,and than go along the bottom lash line.

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