Eye Makeup

Styles, Shades and Suggestions

Eye Makeup

If there is one kind of makeup that you can benefit most from, it’s eye makeup.

Eye-enhancing makeup can instantly change the way you look by bringing new emphasis to your eyes as opposed to other parts of your face.

There are many kinds of eye cosmetics that you may explore, and some of it may look better on you than others. Here are some helpful tips that you can use to make yourself look even better than you thought possible.


There are many different looks that you can try out on your own.

From gothic to natural eye makeup, there is certainly a style for you out there.

The key to choosing the right style is knowing who you are as a person and allowing that to show through your eyes.

You can experiment with different shades of eye shadow and application techniques until you find something that works for you.


Eye Makeup

When you go shopping for makeup, some of the key elements you will look for will include eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. These will provide the foundations for any look you want to achieve.

You can also invest in highlighters, preservers, tweezers, and many other products that will help you enhance your eyes. Take a look around and see what options may work best for you.


Different settings will create different makeup needs. If you are going out for a night on the town, you can try some dramatic or exotic makeup for your eyes to help yourself stand out.

For work, church, or other more subdued events, natural makeup would be ideal.

You have to pick a look that is appropriate to your situation so your makeup enhances your look, rather than calling attention to it.

Choosing Colors

Eye Makeup

When you want to choose the color of eye shadow choose the color of eye shadow that you use, you must think about your eye color and how well that piece of makeup will correspond with it.

Look for eye shadows that are on opposite sides of the color wheel from your eyes. These complementary colors will help draw attention to one another, and then you can ensure that your eyes pop like they should.

Whether you have green eyes, blue eyes, or brown eyes, or some combination of those, you can find a shadow color scheme that will work for you.

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