Top Eye Makeup Tricks
from the Professionals

eye makeup tricks

We've all seen women out there with stunning eye makeup, yet have failed when we try to replicate their looks at home because we don't have the right eye makeup tricks.

Although eye makeup is one of the first types that many girls start to use, putting it on correctly to flatter the eyes and face is actually trickier than it looks.

Simply dabbing on black mascara and calling it a day isn't always the best way to go. By learning a bit more about the different products available and the right ways to apply these eye makeup products, you can drastically change your appearance.

Makeup Advice for Eye Enhancement

Some common mistakes that women make include applying their eye shadow so that it appears crooked, using the wrong shade of shadow for their eye color, or using one block of color that reaches all the way to the upper reaches of the eyelids.

One of the top eye makeup tricks that professionals use is blending. This involves using three different colors of eye shadow, be it in a powder, cream, or gel form.

A highlighter is used for the eye crease, a base color goes all the way to the brow bone, and the lid color goes over the eyelid.
You can start with the lightest shade and then go darker over this, gradually blending the three shades.

How to do Eye Makeup

Once you have gotten the hang of using the right blends of eye shadow, you will want to use other eye makeup tricks that will give you a more finished look.

Your eyelashes should not be neglected. It's all too easy to simply put on one coat of mascara and declare your look finished, but by taking the time to use a curler or even apply false eyelashes, you can greatly improve your overall look.

Be sure to set your shadow with a base. Eye shadow primers are both trendy and practical, and can help keep shadow in place for hours, even in the summer months when the humidity usually makes your makeup run more quickly.

Top Eye Makeup Techniques

eye makeup tricks

Using more dramatic eye makeup can be fun, but requires its own set of techniques or eye makeup tricks.

If you are using a smoky look for your eye makeup, you will want to be sure to keep this color to your lid and under your lower lash line.

Eye shimmer is another type of dramatic highlight that you might need to be careful with. While it can be a great highlight for making your eyes pop, it can also highlight bags or wrinkles, so use a light touch during application for the best results.

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