Eye Makeup Tips

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eye makeup tips

Understanding a few different eye makeup tips can greatly improve the way you look to yourself and to other people.

While eye makeup may seem like nothing more than some shadow and some black mascara, there are some steps to the process that can change everything.

Whether you spend most of your days at home with the kids or you’re out fighting the sharks of the corporate world, you can benefit from some of the free eye makeup tips listed below.


To draw attention to your eyes and give you a youthful glow, you should try adding some highlights in your eye makeup.

There are highlighting shadows you can use for this, but standard white eye shadow usually works fine.

Put a little of this in each of your tear ducts and right under your brow line. This will make you look awake and ready to start the day.


If you want to really define your eyelids, you should use a darker colored eye shadow on the inside crease of your eyelid so that it makes that crease look deeper than it actually is.

This is one of the dramatic eye makeup tips people often forget about, but it can make a big difference in the way a person’s eyes pop.

You can use this for smoky or natural looking eyes that you may want to stand out in the crowd. All you need is some good shadow to get started.


eye makeup tips

When you start learning about applying eye makeup, you have to realize the significance eye liner has on the way a woman’s makeup looks as a whole.

Eyeliner draws emphasis to the edge of the eye and can work to help the mascara look even darker than it already is.

It is quick to use, ease to work with, and great for making a wow factor out of nothing.


Mascara is the way to finish off any great eye makeup looks. When you learn how to do eye makeup properly, you will see how much of a difference mascara can make on a person’s eyes.

It can elongate the lashes and make them look fuller as well. Start using your mascara in multiple layers, and apply it from the roots of the lashes outward.

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