Eye Makeup Ideas

Tips Specific to Your Eyes

You can find a ton of eye makeup ideas out there to try, but the fact is that a lot of them are not ideal of every eye color, shape, style, etc.

You could follow those generic eye makeup looks, or you could look over some of the eye specific ideas we have listed below.

With so many styles of eye makeup to choose from, something has to work well for you.

Here is some inspiration for your eyes:

Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup Ideas

Eye makeup for blue eyes usually hovers around brown and bronze colors.

The easiest way to make a pair of eyes stand out is to use an eye shadow that is the opposite color of them. The opposite of blue is orange, so use earthy colors like bronze, brown and gold are fitting substitutes.

Avoid purple eye shadows when you have blue eyes because it could come across as too pastel and playful. Read More...

Green Eyes

Makeup for green eyes is much different than makeup for blue eyes, and that is because green sits on a different section of the color spectrum.

Green works well with purple or maroon eye shadows, although brown can work for this as well.

If you are looking for hazel eye makeup, these makeup tips would apply to you as well. Read More...

Brown Eyes

Contrary to some people's eye makeup ideas, brown eyes do not pair well with brown shadows, and they usually work best with deep plums and grays.

Most women who have brown eyes wear a lot of eye liner and mascara to ensure that their eyes stand out even if their irises do not stand out initially. You could try this for yourself as well. Read More...

Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes

If you want that smoked over look for your eyes, you are going to need a lot more than some black eye shadow and mascara.

If you want sexy or gothic eye makeup, you need to have liner, dark shadows, and mascara readily available.

Apply a layer of eye liner to the edge of your eyes, preferably black or dark brown.

Then go over the eyelid with some dark eye shadow and put an extra layer in the crease for definition.

Use some thick mascara to finish everything off.

Dramatic Eye Makeup

Adding drama to your eyes can really set your look off. Dramatic eye makeup is not hard to do, depending on the colors and steps you want to use.

Simply define your eyes with the eye shadow and top it off with some great mascara. Read More...

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