Top Trends in Exotic Makeup

exotic makeup

Is exotic makeup right for you? Why not? No matter what the season or occasion, sometimes you might want to go beyond your regular daytime look and experiment with dramatic makeup styles.

Eye makeup is usually the area where it's possible to experiment the most, to create a look that is truly unique.

Textures, patterns, and colors can all be components of these exotic looks, so that you stand out in a crowd while still managing to play up your best features.

Warm weather months can be a good time to try out more exotic types of makeup looks, because this allows you to dress minimally, and let your features do the talking.

Dramatic Eye Makeup Tips

Texture can be a big component of exotic makeup styles. You could use several bright shades of eye makeup, for example, and use these to alternate dots, wavy lines, or other unusual shapes and patterns on your face.

You could apply false lashes for a more dramatic and sexier look, and pay extra attention to your lower lash line as well as your upper lid.

Replicating animal colors and markings is a trendy way to get a more exotic summertime look. Tiger stripes, leopard prints, or raccoon eyes are all examples of bringing the exotic into your daily makeup routine.

This is best utilized for a night out at a dance club, or for wearing to the beach, rather than as an office or daytime shopping look.

Top Makeup Products

To help you gain your exotic makeup look, there are many different makeup products on the market that can help you. Look for unusual colors, or those that are more vivid than you would usually wear.

Bright red eye shadow, for example, is not something that you may normally go for, but it can be a fun look to experiment with for a night out, when you want to stand out.

Glitter and shine can also be valuable components of any exotic look that you are planning on wearing out and about. There are also colored makeup pencils that have been devised for exotic looks on your eyes, lips, cheekbones, or anywhere else that you want to swoop in some color.

Makeup Advice for Exotic Looks

exotic makeup

It's important to remember what is appropriate when you are experimenting with exotic makeup. The location of your next party is one thing to consider, as is remembering what looks best on your features.

You can overdo it with smoky eyes or other more exotic looks if you're not careful, which will mean that all anyone is looking at is your makeup, rather than your face.

For Halloween costumes this may be acceptable, but if you are trying to make a good impression, you will want to choose one feature at a time to work on with these exotic looks.

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