How to Use Blush to Emphasize Cheekbones

Although blush is not always needed as part of your daily makeup routine, when you really want to emphasize cheekbones and make your facial structure pop, it can be your best friend.

The trick for natural-looking yet sexy blush is to choose a color and type that matches your skin tone, and then learn how to work with the natural contours of your face when you are putting it on.

It might take a bit of practice, but you can completely transform your look once you find the type of blush that works for you.

Some women prefer the look of blush that is applied directly to the apples of their cheeks, while others will use it more as highlighter, for example.

Blush Tips for Different Face Shapes

Oval Face shapes already provide a natural shape of the face so you don't need any contouring at all. For a natural look apply the blush onto the apple of the cheeks for a flushed look. For a night look apply the blush on the tip of your nose and the bridge of the nose for that fabulous glow!

Long Face you want to create the illusion of width for your face by applying blush on the apples of the cheeks and extending the color straight outward towards the ears. Apply a little blush across the middle of your forehead and along your chin.

Square Face you would want to soften the angles of your square face by concentrating the brighter color of the apples of your cheeks and then brush it up and out towards your temples to give you that face lift look.

Round face you want your face to look slimmer. So what you want to do is brush your blush under the cheekbone back and forth then blend it in up to your temples near your hairline. Don't just apply the blush on the apples of the cheeks your face will look rounder.

Makeup Tips for Cream or Liquid Blush

You might assume that all blush is powdered, thinking of the old-fashioned compact that it is associated with. Some of today's best blush options to emphasize cheekbones on the market come in liquid or cream forms, however.

These can be easier to use for many women who are also used to working with liquid foundations or lip stains, because they can be applied in the same way.

Gel blush is also another option. These can be applied with the right brush, or you can even rub them directly on or right below your cheekbones for added emphasis.

Choosing the Best Blush Color

Blush comes in all the colors of the rainbow, to match all of the skin tones out there that you might be working with. When you are trying to emphasize cheekbones, you want to work with your skin tone rather than against it.

Fair skin tones often work best with beige or pink blushes, while darker skin tones may look good in plumbs or bronzes. If you are using liquid or cream blushes, you can mix two shades together for a more personalized result.

How to Apply Blush

One of the reasons why many women are so afraid to use blush is that they are afraid of it looking like war paint. To avoid this, you need to learn to blend the blush into your skin.

Large, round brushes can give you a more natural look while still being used to emphasize cheekbones, because they are best for blending over a larger area of your skin.

Sucking your lips in, applying your blush right below or right on your cheekbones, and smiling while you apply it are all tips that can help you when you are applying your choice of blush shades.

If you want a more subtle look, you can then top this with a powder foundation to seal the color in and blend it with your natural shade.

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