Dying Eyebrows

When you are dying eyebrows at home first you will need to prep your eyebrows.  What I mean by prepping is to protect your skin from the dye. The dye does stain the skin so to prevent this from happening use a little Vaseline around the eyebrows.

Next you are going to need your eyebrows dye and your developer. You are going to put your eyebrow dye into the developer evenly in a small dish or cup and you are going to get a stick or a q-tip and stir it around evenly.  Now let’s begin!

Now you want to scoop just a little color out with a q-tip or with a stick and you are going to place the color within the brow lines. You want to make sure that as you place the tint in the brow that you’ve covered every area.  It also stings if you get in your eye, so be very careful around your eyes with the eyebrow tint.

Make sure that you have enough tint on the eyebrows to cover all the hair. Now that you have applied the eyebrow tint you want to wait approx. 3-5 minutes. Watch the brow as it takes color, making sure you don’t leave the color on too long because you don’t want to over process the brow color because you can end up with very dark eyebrows.

To remove the eyebrow tint take a cotton rounded pad and place it at the start of the brow and wipe down towards the end of the brow. Then fold over the cotton pad and wipe down again making sure to remove all the dye. If any color if still left behind it will still process the color.

If there is any tinting or staining of the skin around the eyebrow, simply put a little bit of tint remover on a round cotton pad and gently wipe the area.

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