Top Colors and Techniques for
Brown Eye Makeup

While many people with brown eyes choose to wear brown eye makeup, this is actually not the best way to compliment your natural eye color.

Most experts recommend choosing colors that sit on the opposite side of the color spectrum, when you are trying to frame your eyes.

In the case of brown eyes, makeup in shades of green, blue, plum, or gray is a better bet. These brighter colors will help make brown eyes stand out.

However, there is no one size fits all solution for eye makeup, and it's best to experiment with a few different shades before you find the combination or blend that works best for you.

Styles of Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

The best style of brown eye makeup will depend on several factors, such as whether you are planning to wear it as a daytime or evening look, how exotic you want to get, and the shape of your eyes.

Many women with brown eyes choose to frame them in heavy black mascara and eyeliner, which can make them stand out more.

Any techniques that draw attention to the eyes can be adapted for looks that are more or less dramatic, depending on your needs. Darker, matte colors can create a smoky eye, while pastels could be used for a daytime or summery look. It's best to blend several shades to find the right effect that works the best for you

Free Eye Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

While trends come and go, it can be fun to play around with them. Ladies with brown eyes are lucky because they have the widest range of different flattering brown eye makeup to play around them.

A wider range of frosted, glittery, or jeweled tones which can be too dramatic for blue and green eyes can work well with brown.

You can read our latest free eye makeup tips and newsletters to get some new ideas to play with, and then adapt them to your personal sense of style. Care should also be taken to the lashes and eyebrows, for a better way to rim and frame your eyes

Applying Eye Makeup

A general make up rule is to choose one facial feature to emphasize, rather than overdoing the entire face. If you want to focus on your brown eye makeup, you could try a smoky eye or a blend of highlighter and lid color.

Neutral colors can be swept over the entire brow area for a subtle look if you want to play up your lips instead, on the other hand.

Peach, taupe, and lighter shades of green can all be good neutral options to set off your eyes.

Brown eyes don't necessarily need eyeliner, so you could skip that part of the eye makeup routine when going natural.

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