Best Mineral Foundation EVER!!!

by Christine
(Phoenix, AZ)

In response to "Freckles":

I am a firm believe in purchasing healthy and healing products that benefit your body and skin, instead of hinder it. Unfortunately, I have found it almost impossible to find a decent brand of cosmetics in a drug store or department store that does NOT contain terrible irritants to the skin. Just to name a few to stay away from(even in mineral makeups): Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc, Dyes, Parabens and Carmine(made from bug wings). These ingredients will give you acne, give you a rash, cause uncomfortable or dry skin and not to mention DO NOT leave your skin feeling healthy and happy.

A very pure product line that I have completely fallen in love is Monave Mineral Cosmetics. You can go to WWW.MONAVE.COM to check it out for yourself. They offer a 100% natural makeup that does not contain any harsh chemicals or crap that you find in other brands. AND IT IS SUPER CHEAP!! I have never found a good mineral foundation to match the price and quality. They have very simple ingredients and my skin felt and looked 10X better just after a few days of using it. It healed most of my acne after a couple of weeks and they were really helpful on educating me on what skincare is best to meet my needs(that is natural and inexpensive!).

Samples were very easy to order online (I often struggle with this one and prefer to shop in person, but it was definitely worth the wait!)

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