How the Best Lip Plumper Works

Find the best lip plumper you can and don't worry that you weren't born with full, pouty, Angelina Jolie lips.

There are cosmetics products developed to make the lips appear fuller. They are available in a range of different consistencies, mirroring other lip products on the market today. Some are thin and glossy, while others are more like a lip stain.

There are also sheer versions that can be used as a base under lipstick, so that you can experience the effects of a plumper and match it with your favorite shade of lipstick at the same time.

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Lipstick Tips for Fuller Lips

Before you put on your choice of best lip plumper, it's a good idea to take a look at all the different types that are available. Some products come in tubes, with a wand applicator. These can be blotted gently onto the lips, and are usually colored.

Some other semi-solid plumpers can be applied with a lipstick brush or your fingers, and are sold in small pots. These may increase collagen in your lips, or puff them up with natural ingredients like camphor or menthol.

The best will moisturize your lips like a lip balm does as well. You will need to reapply the plumper throughout the day for the best results.

Makeup Styles for Perfect Lips

The color or shade of the best lip for your needs is another factor to think about, because this will help make your lips appear even fuller. Be sure to experiment and find a color that matches your skin tone for best results.

Those with really fair skin can make their lips sizzle with a wet-looking orange or warm red shade of lip product, while those with darker skin could enhance their natural features in berry tones.

A nude lip works well with smoky eyes, for a more dramatic yet polished look for the evening.

You can experiment with these different styles in order to find the combination of lip products that works best for you

Lip Makeup Ideas

To finish off the effects of the best lip plumper, you might want to consider whether you want to use it with other makeup products or not.

Some lipsticks are meant to be applied over a plumper, for a more polished look. You can also use lip liner to trace the outline of your lips first.

Using a shade slightly darker than your natural lip tone can give a higher level of definition. Yet if you want to maintain more natural-looking bee-stung lips, you should probably use the plumper on its own or with simple lip balm or gloss.

Without defining your lips, you can still increase the volume and get that sultry look for evenings out.

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