Best Blushes

How to Choose the Best Blush for You

Even though it may seem like all the best blushes are made the same, there are actually a lot of differences on the market to consider when selecting a blush for you.

Subtle changes in color or consistency can make a big difference in how something appears on your face.

If you want to get the best look possible from your blush, consider some of the makeup tips below....


There are many different colors of blush on the market that you can look through. Some have a very pink hue to them and others have a more mauve tone.

You should pick a shade of blush that will fit with the makeup styles you are used to. If you tend to go for a natural look, stick with something that is more on the mauve side.

If you like pops of color or have a spunky sense of style, you may go for a brighter pink for your cheeks. Make everything complement each other in the end.

Here are some great colors blushes for your skin tone:

Skin Tone                 Shade of Blush

Fair Skin     You have a yellow undertone, go for soft, warmer pinks and plums.

Medium Skin     You have a golden undertone or olive or Asian skin tone, go for peach rose, pale cranberry and apricot.

Dark Skin      You have a tan or red undertone, go for bold colors that pop against your skin like a bronze, raspberry, gold or red.


There are different consistencies of blush that require different application techniques.

The best powder blush on the market can be applied with a brush, but the best cream blush usually goes on with a finger or similar applicator.

Cream blushed work well for women who want long lasting color on their face. However, creams can sign into the skin and draw the eyes into danger zones on the face for certain women.

If that is the case for you, an all natural powder may be better in the long run.


The brands may not always determine the best brushes available, but they could make a difference in what works well for your face.

If you already have a line of makeup that you like from a certain company, consider incorporating some of their blush into your line as well.

This is especially true if you like the foundation from a company because that will usually go along with the blush you select well


The tool you use to apply your blush with may also make a difference in your purchase.

If you are going to use a brush for your makeup looks, you may want to get one with a large, round head to ensure that you just get a light dusting of blush.

Otherwise you may end up with streaks of color that look amateur at best.

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