Applying Lipstick

Tips for Women of All Ages

Women applying lipstick on has been around for forever, giving women and their lips the attention they deserve.

With many different kinds of lipstick and associated makeup looks out there nowadays, applying lipstick the right way can be a bit of a challenge.

There are some things that you can do no matter what kind of lipstick you are working with that will make the application process go a lot smoother.

Here are some great makeup tips to abide by....

Choosing the Right Lipstick

You need to figure out what sort of makeup styles are going to work well for you, and then choose a lipstick to work along those lines.

Selecting the shade of lipstick that looks good may come along through trial and error, but note that the more natural looking your lipstick is, the better off you will be for the application process.

If you get deep or bright colors, just expect to have to reapply the makeup a lot more during the day.

If you’re ready to find long-lasting, high-pigment lipsticks that will stay on all day, you need our very own K.h.o.i.n. Cosmetics.

Use Lip Liner

Lip liner can provide you with a good border to follow when you start to figure out how to put on lipstick.

The liner should be one shade darker than your lip color to add a little emphasis there, unless you are going for a natural look.

Then you may just want something that is as close to the color of your skin and lips as possible.

Gently outline your lips with the colored or natural lip liner, and try to make everything look as subtle and even as possible.

Add a few dabs of this on your lips sporadically to give your lipstick something to grab onto.

Apply Lipstick

Once you have a good border to follow, you can start applying lipstick. Be careful not to go past the border because then you might stain the skin surrounding your lips.

You may want to use your finger to apply the lipstick if the stick itself is not working out for you. Start with your bottom lip and then rub the top on into it.

If there is not enough color on the top, do the bottom again and repeat. Getting the top lip to look right is usually a challenge, so it may be best to bypass it entirely.

Finish off your look with some gloss if you want, and you should have a great set of lips for a few hours.

Here is some corrective techniques lip shapes:

Lip Shapes          Corrective Techniques

Full Lips        Use a natural lip liner to draw inside your natural lip line to make it appear thinner.

Thin Lips        Use a lip liner and draw slightly outside your upper and lower lips to make your lips appear fuller.

Drooping Corners     Use your lip liner to build up the corners of the upper lip slightly.

Bow Lips       To soften the peaks of the upper lip, use a lip liner to draw a softer curve.

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