Top Uses of Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is any makeup that is applied with an airbrush rather than with the traditional tools that you might associate with makeup application.

Instead of using your fingers, brushes, or sponges, you instead have a professional spray gun to give you more even, precise, and flawless coverage.

Airbrushing is easy to remove, long-lasting and is hygienic. This is usually only applied in a professional beauty salon, for special occasions or for use on the screen and stage.

However, the appearance of at-home airbrush beauty kits mean that now anyone can try to master these same methods, although it does take practice and a steady hand

Celebrity Makeup Using Airbrushing

When stars are on set for 12 or more hours a day, they often use airbrush makeup instead of having to constantly be touched up by the makeup artist.

Airbrushing helps keep makeup in place, even under bright lights or extreme weather conditions. Custom blended foundation is piped through the airbrush nozzle using condensed air, which helps spray it evenly on the skin's surface.

The small particles of foundation rest on top of the skin, rather than being blended into the skin as they usually are.

This creates a smoother, more natural look that can last for up to 12 hours at a time without any need to touch up the makeup. Ideal for movie sets, this can also be used for special occasions.

Evening Makeup Looks

While airbrush makeup is usually used for foundation purposes, it's also possible to use these same techniques to apply colors to the eyes, lips, and cheekbones.

You will need to use the services of a professional who can find custom blends of color that will be the most flattering for your personal skin tone.

It's easy to overdo airbrushing, so you need to be careful that you are only using the technique when necessary.

For flawless coverage that lasts, however, there is perhaps no better option on the market today. This will help your makeup stay on without ever looking cakey, if it is done right.

Prom and Wedding Airbrush Makeup

On special occasions such as the prom or your wedding day, you want to ensure that your makeup is going to last throughout the day. On these occasions, chances are that you are also going to be photographed, multiple times. You want to be sure that your makeup is up to the task.

This is why many women choose to use airbrush makeup for a wedding, knowing that it will stay in place for the whole day and give a smoother look to their skin than regular makeup would.

This translates better to photographs, without the need for extra retouching. When brides go in for their hair styling sessions, they may also ask for airbrushing on the face.

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